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not the name of the thread I know but I’m not in the motivation to make a banner with the name.
Hello Shoryuken dot com forumers and lurkers alike,I am new here and to start off my introduction,I decided to start by opening a signature request thread for people who are interested and to give me something to do during my free time.You can call me Pwii because its the name I stuck with ever since i created my accounts on the internet and its the name friends around the fighting game and mmorpg communities call me by.Or you can call me Chungri or Chung for short.If you want to know more about me…eh I dunno I have yet to edit my profile so yeah








Pop out


yet to make that many pop out signatures so this is the only example for now.
*[SIZE=5]Signature request form-[/SIZE]This is the form to be used when you are requesting a signature.
]Render (image of the character you want in your sig)-
]Text(quotes,your username,etc)-
]Border?(rounded borders,no border,solid black,blue,whatever)-
]Type of sig(vertical,horizontal,pop out,avy,or banner)-
By the way,if you don’t know what a render is,its an image of a character with a transparent background,not even white,like this

[SIZE=7]Rules-[SIZE=3]Like most requesting threads or whatever,this place has a set of rules also.Be sure to follow them so I wont hate you forever(not really) so I wont prohibit you from requesting again.No one likes getting denied I’m sure.
[]No spamming
]No asking me when I’ll get your request done.I got a life,school is in and it’ll take me some time to finish requests since this laptop is 5 years old and slow as hell.
[]I do requests at random order so no complaining saying I skipped you
]Request one sig at a time.
Easy right?Have fun.:3
If you’re not sure on what to request,you can tell me the character you want in your sig and I’ll do the rest.It gives me more freedom to do what I please to your request.

hello i was wondering if you could do a picture for me? its for an arcade edittion fightstick that i would like to do a custom marvel vs capcom 3 pic for. but since i have no artistic ability and i like the samples you have up here i would like to request a picture. it would have it would need to have stryder hiryu, vergil, and amaterasu from the cast. you have creative freedom with back ground imigiray and the charecter design the only stipulation is i need those charecters on it (since it is my primary team). there is no time limit to this but if i could get one more thing added i would like to add my gamer tag. it is Chrono under where the buttons will be. here are some examples of how the templates are. Custom Fightstick Templates yes these are from this site this is just to show you how the template lay out is so you can work around it. if you would be willing to do this for me i would be very apriciative thank you.

lol of course I know my way around it. I wouldn’t be taking requests here. No one is even asking me so…
I’m glad you’re actually asking me to do this for you. Just do me a favor and wait, my computer has been having a lot of problems lately so don’t expect this to come too soon k? A new laptop is on its way by the end of the year so I’ll most likely get it done somewhere after Christmas or sooner if I manage to pull through with my computer’s functioning problems.

of course i can wait im going to mod my whole fightstick with new parts so i can hold off for a while dont worry and trust me i know about computer problems so i understand and thank you for agreeing to do this for me:)

Wow, all of the work you’ve shown looks amazing!

Freaking tell me more wow. Right when you posted in here, I got 6 private messages from people asking for a sig and fight stick temp art. I got my hands full by now. Just need that new laptop for Christmas and I’ll be loaded with more of this stuff. .-.

glad to hear you got some more requests