Chun Li's EX hcb+K

I’m not sure if people already know this or not so don’t bite my head off if it’s not new to you. I used to think this move really sucked (EX hcb+K). However, I never really played Chun Li that much and never really got deep into her playing strategy and tactics.

I’ve just started to look into her options and I’ve found out that the EX hcb+K is invincible in the first few frames of the move. It is invincible to all normal and special moves from what I can tell but is only invincible to certain supers. Take for instance a hadoken, she can easily go through it with this move but if you try to go through a shinkuu hadoken she’ll get waxed. It can avoid super throws including the Stungun Headbutt super. It’s not good for anti-air b/c it’s too slow. You can’t use it against dragon punches b/c the dragon punch has to many active hit frames. It’s weird b/c it will go through stuff like Yang’s super art I but not other supers. It’s not a move that you’ll be using all the time but it can come in handy sometimes though like against Q’s dash punches and such. You cannot tech roll this move if it hits and is totally safe when blocked but it is slow to hit which makes reaction parries very dangerous.

If you play the arcade version and you’re hounded by unblockable Urien aegis reflector you can use this as you get up off the ground when standing up into the reflector. What it will do is make you get hit with the reflector in the air which can mess up the opponent’s combo and possibly reduce the damage given. If you’re gonna take damage you might as well take the least amount possible right? You must time the move to be a perfect reversal off the ground though to work.

Some other things I’ve found out about Chun Li is that you can super jump cancel from her close standing hard kick. This means that you can cancel a super from it by doing c.FK–>qcf,qcf,uf+P or K for the super. The c.FK is also good for dizzy juggles and reset Kikosho juggles. Against a STANDING Hugo you can do a c.FK that hits then super jump cancel forward into a d+MK and if Hugo attempts to duck block he will get hit which means he is forced to block it high. You can then jump off the wall if you’re close enough to it. It’s cool to watch a good Chun Li jump off the wall alot and be crazy all over the place. Wouldn’t you agree?


that you can cancel a super from it by doing c.FK–>qcf,qcf,uf+P or K for the super. The c.FK is also good for dizzy juggles and reset Kikosho juggles. **

You’re talking about close Roundhouse, right?
To me, c. FK = crouching forward (medium) kick…


small chars can block and punish because some of her kicks miss over their head, thus they escape the block stun.

ken can reversal uppercut, and characters with quick hitting supers can reversal super. aka ken saIII

this move is best used on wakeup, but sparingly. use the THREAT of ex spinning bird kick, to keep your opponents honest. mixup between this, ex lightning legs, and blocking.

the THREAT of ex spinning bird kick will usually force your opponent to hesitate before attacking, which gives you enough time to throw out a short, a jab, or a low forward.

chun li is cheap.

Yes c.FK is close Fierce Kick(Roundhouse) to me. Sorry about the confusion.

As for you paulee I’m not wrong. I wasn’t talking about EX spinning bird kick I was OBVIOUSLY talking about the EX hcb+K which cannot be tech rolled and is totally safe when blocked!!! Even against Ken’s super art III! I thought it was obvious that the move I was talking about was the EX hcb+K. Oh well? Please read my posts more carefully next time, OK.:mad:

Don’t listen to Paul. He’s a scrub.


paul just got #0wned by scrub! :lol:

Some people on this board seem to think that I’m a scrub too but I’m not. I know all sorts of crazy things about this game and I can play it good too. I know that moves do more damage on crouching opponents than they do on standing ones and a whole lot more little nuances too. I know you can cross counter and use Remy’s blue nocturne super on Kikosho. Dudley’s cross counters won’t hit from a long distance from the Kikosho though. I can go on and on for days explaining all the little things I know about this game, and it’s not just for Chun Li either. It’s for every character.

With all that crap being said I’d like to say that Chun Li’s EX ligtning leg will hit Hugo about 6 to 7 times in the corner. It’s funny to watch him get juggled that much by one move:lol: . It’s also possible to use a d+medium kick in the air as you jump up toward on Hugo for a quick overhead. You can do another d+medium kick for a 2 hit combo. Jumping up toward with a jab on the way up is a fast overhead against Hugo too but doesn’t do nearly as much damage and doesn’t let you jump off the wall from as far away. Speaking of which, It’s not possible sometimes to jump off the wall after doing a d+medium kick that hits or is blocked on someone already in the corner. If they’re a little bit out from the corner it’ll let you do it though. You can do aerial moves(except air throw) and “cut off” the animation with the wall jump too. You can use a hard attack and wall jump out of it to help gain super meter. I’ve noticed that you can only do a wall jump on the way up or at the height of her jump. Doing a wall jump carries momentum too so if you do a super jump then immediately wall jump she’ll go really far.

d+medium punch is a good air counter for opponents who jump into you kinda close. From further away it’s easier to hit Chun with deep attacks although if they like to hit you high you can still use it as anti-air.

With Chun Li’s super art II it’s actually possible to do the super on a cornered enemy and then at the end immediately do qcf,qcf,uf+K to super jump super cancel into another super that hits them again. If you cancel it fast enough she’ll hit them on the way up and they’ll flip out once. She’ll hit them again and they’ll flip out twice and then she’ll hit them with the last kick which lets you juggle again. It’s sorry b/c it gives them plenty of chances to parry it when “flipping out” in the air and it does crap damage. But look on the bright side, if you’re playing a scrub and you have 2 levels and hit them with it in the corner you can do a double super combo and look awesome:D .

locust: remember how you said you’d own my shinkuu hadouken ryu? and i replied saying you should come to my tournament in january? well? what’s your answer…i’m taking up on the challenge mr. i know everything…:rolleyes:

ya… ur i right… i sorta scanned his post… it honestly never even ocurred to me that someone would post about the “uses” of ex -hcb +k.

can u reversal timing this move…? i dunno, i don’t really care. I won’t be seeing it too often.

it’s too slow, put’s chun in horrible position if she misses, offers very little advantage if hit or blocked, and wastes valuable meter.

plus… it’s very easy to parry ON REACTION.

paul the scrub.

Yo Exodus, I’ll try and make it but I can’t make any promises. It’s a long trip you know. I didn’t really say I would “own” your shinkuu Ryu I was just mad. I know I can beat you it’s just a matter of win percentage over the long run that counts. Looking at recent videos of Alex Valle’s shinkuu Ryu really makes me think I’m better with Ryu than I used to. All he did was sweeps and d+medium kick into EX fireballs. Needless to say he never did a shinkuu and he LOST! I know timing is important too so don’t think I’m not considering that factor(as well as others).

I of course, play with Chun now. I mean I still play Ryu with ALL his supers but I’m concentrating on Chunny Woony right now. And YES I did post about EX hcb+K! Every move has a use and I always try to exploit them even if it’s like one in a million. Of course you won’t use it often but it’s those types of moves that you can use at the “right” times and really suprise the competition.

Oh yeah Exodus, I won’t try to play up Chun Li’s super art III. I know it blows but Denjin is still good. Maybe you’ll see one day. I’d be willing to bet that Valle would play better with Denjin than other supers. His style fits it better IMO. I don’t know everything either but I know a lot more than the average player and even more than alot of expert players as well. Test my knowledge if you don’t believe me or ask me to give you a nuance about any character. I’ll probably give you something you didn’t know.

Does anyone know where the link compilation is for SFIII:3rd Strike? I know the japs probably came up with it and I could come up with it all on my own but you know, it’s easier this way. No reason to reinvent the wheel. I was wondering what they say about links after Chun Li’s spinning bird kick b/c I swore my friend used to link super art II from it but I know super art I is faster but I can’t even link that. I know crouching opponents have more stun than standing and that different people have different stun but I still don’t see it. Does the spinning bird kick have to hit just right or am I dreaming? It could be jap vs. english version BTW.

first of all…“recent” vids of valle? do you realize the contradiction within that?

second of all…basing your judgement on a single match of a single player only points to your scrubbiness even more.

third of all…you won’t beat me. period.

fourth of all…do you know frame data?

fifth of all…the japanese did not make the 3S links encyclopedia.

sixth of all…characters do not have different hit stuns.

seventh of all…paul is still a scrub. :stuck_out_tongue:

oh. concerning the tournament…you don’t need to come up. go to the tournament in NORTH CAROLINA in january…i believe it is on the 3rd. is that better for you?

edit --> the north carolina tournament is on the 24th -->

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Now I lost the track of the topic. :confused:

the original topic was yun > Q. thank you, come again. :stuck_out_tongue:

First of all…I like how calling me a scrub makes you fell better.

Second of all…I didn’t base my judgement from a single match.

Third of all…If you think I can’t beat you you’re retarded. I’m good enough to beat anyone atleast a small percentage of the time. If you think you can go “undefeated” against me then more power to ya’.

Fourth of all…Yes, I know some frame data.

Fifth of all…I didn’t say the japs made the link encyclopedia I said they “probably” did. So who made it genious? Huh?

Sixth of all…If characters don’t have different stuns then why can Ibuki jump in on Ryu with a fierce punch and combo super art II but not on Urien? Huh? Oh I forgot, you don’t have as much all around knowledge as I do. Sorry:(

Seventh of all…paul IS still a scrub! Just kidding paul:lol:

For real though, I know why you got on me for saying different characters have different stuns. I already know that just cuz a move turns one character around and not another doesn’t mean that it has more hit frame advantage. Don’t try and belittle me with such nonsense. Thanks for the “heads up” on the tourney in NC. I’ll try to go of course. Will you be there?

1 – why would calling you a scrub make me feel better?

2 – if you didnt base it off a single match…tell me, what vids are you watching of his?

3 – i said you can’t defeat me to really tell you that, you can’t beat me. if you want, we can do a pre-determined amount of matches. you’re welcome to try.

4 – if you know some frame data…then proceed to point 6.

5 – mopreme and kamui did the links encyclopedia.

6 – no, a player’s move does not have different hit stun based on the opponent.

i’m really NOT trying to belittle you. i’m showing you the errors in your assumptions. some people take it the wrong way, others don’t. :lame:

yes. i will be at charlotte pending any unexpected situations.

I don’t know about you Exodus but turning the opponent’s back is a different “stun” than when they don’t turn their back. Just like a gut stun and a crumple stun are different in Tekken. It’s different b/c it allows you to do different stuff from it which is the case with Ibuki LIKE I TOLD YOU! Now do you agree with me or not? BTW just like I said before–I KNOW THAT A PLAYER’S MOVES DO NOT HAVE DIFFERENT HIT STUN(FRAME WISE) ON DIFFERENT OPPONENTS!!! Please read my posts more carefully next time.

Thank you for pointing out the error in my assumptions with the link encyclopedia though. I’m watching old vids from when Valle played in Japan and some from denjinvideo too. I’ve seen others as well. You must feel better when calling me a scrub b/c you do it alot and it’s easy to see that I’m not a scrub so you can shut that junk up real quick. You sound just like some dude I know named Daniel Ball. Ya’ll should get together sometime. I bet ya’ll would be like peas and carrots yo.

Again though, you get up here and speak off topic. This is a Chun Li thread. Do you play with Chun Li or have anything to contribute? Probably not but if you do I’d wish you would say it and/or leave. I’m not talking junk either so please don’t confuse what I’m saying. I just hate off topic bull crap. Who can blame me? Huh? Oh yeah, you should know that I know some frame data b/c I spouted off some when posting somethin’ about Ryu’s shin shoryuken vs. Sean’s shoryu cannon and how I talk about “hit frame advantage”. I was all into frame data when I used to play GGXX and VF4 too. So again, don’t think I’m a scrub just cuz you can’t understand what I’m saying.

no, really. it doesn’t make me feel better.

" I know crouching opponents have more stun than standing and that different people have different stun but I still don’t see it."

how does /\ equate to talking about people having different hit animations? you’re talking about the hit stun recovery of crouching chars and then suddenly say that different people have different stun…wouldn’t proper english structural understanding dictate that you’re talking about stun covery still?..yea. ok.

but it’s ok. let me go quote DSP and say…


exceptions do exist. dependent on the opponent, a character’s move might affect them differently, which changes their hit stun recovery time. i just said my initial statement to see you eventually say that you KNOW that, and that i didn’t read your post carefully. cough denjin ryu thread cough


go far roundhouse urien with akuma. urien doesn’t have a back-turn animation. now try it on ken. oh…what’s that? ken turned his back? looks like you still don’t know what you’re talking about… :confused: :confused: :rolleyes: :confused: :rolleyes: or wait…did i read that wrong again?

now…you say that you were watching recent vids of alex valle playing shinkuu ryu…and that you believe your ryu is better than you thought because valle sucks ass.

“Needless to say he never did a shinkuu and he LOST! I know timing is important too so don’t think I’m not considering that factor(as well as others).”

do you realize that statement is HIGHLY contradictory? first off, the only valle vid on denjinvideo is him against combofiend. if you are such a great analyst, you’d realize that ryu has a hard match against a good elena. because he can’t get IN. therefore, shinkuu hadouken isn’t as usable. he uses shinkuu because of its EX stocks. he lost because CF has an advantageous character, and valle is rusty…besides…how are you going to compare yourself to valle, based on vids of him playing players 1023823x better than you? :o

ok. so you read somewhere that shoryu-cannon beats the invincibility of shin shoryuken…well…i wonder who pointed out the exact numbers in that thread?

speaking of thread…in the same thread that you mentioned your knowledge of shoryu-cannon vs shin shoryuken…you asked me…

“BTW exodus, do you know the frame execution on Ryu’s EX shoryuken? I know it’s hella fast but I need some concrete numbers.”

looks like you don’t know much frame data do you?

i don’t think you’re a scrub. you ARE a scrub, and i KNOW you are a scrub. that’s why i’m being so mean. scrubs think they’re great. :rolleyes:

I know moves affect people differently. Why the heck do you think I was talking about Ibuki’s jumping fierce punch turning Ryu around for the super art II to combo and not on Urien. Why don’t you try it? It’s the same thing you say when you think that it changes their “hit stun recovery time” which for most moves it doesn’t change the hit stun recovery just b/c it turns them around genious. You know how I know this? Because you can take just about any move that turns one character around and not another and still get the same links from them. Even if the link timing is very strict(probably 1 to 3 frame window I’d imagine). Why don’t you try medium kick lightning leg(4 hits) into super art I with Chun Li on a standing Ryu which turns around then try the same thing on a standing Urien who doesn’t turn around. It still combos and that link has strict timing. Hell, it might even change the hit stun by like 1 frame but if all the links that are possible from turning them around are the same exact ones(no more and no less) that work when it doesn’t turn someone around it is a moot point. So go ahead and pat yourself on the back b/c you “baited” me into saying the truth. Good for you Exodus you made me say the truth. Bow wow. Please feel free to bait me anytime you want. I’d love for you to really find out if turning the opponent around vs. not changes the hit stun recovery. I wouldn’t be suprised if someone told you the same thing I just did and that’s NO! So next time that you reply to this “rant” like I know you will then don’t unless you have this information from a “reliable” resource, OK.