Chun-Li's CC's/Combo-into-CC

[A] Anti Air [G] Ground

a) c.fierce, close s.rh x 3, c.fierce x 2, twd + rh, mash twd + forward
x N, c.fierce when meter is low, xx kick super [G]
b) c.fierce x 4, fwd + rh 5, fierce Kikkoken, c.fierce, RH SBK, c.fierce
x 2 xx kick super. [G] <- fierce kikkoken makes sure that the SBK will hit.
c) (c.rh x 3, Short SBK) x 2, c.rh x 2, Short SBK, Kikoushou [A] [G]
d) c.rh, (close s.rh, whiff short, walk forward) x 5, s.rh, sj. forward
x N, c.fierce, Kikoushou [A]
e) c.rh, s.rh (sj. strong x 3) x 2, sj. jab x N, j. jab x N, c.fierce xx
Kikoushou [A]

NOTE: If the opponent is crouching, the above customs might not work on
all of the characters. Fierce kikkokens are inserted after the 7th hit
(ideal because all of Chun’s fierces will do the same damage after, so
it’s best to go through hit count) to make the opponent stand up.

SECOND NOTE: For speed/invincibility purposes, as well as using them as
tripguard-loss anti-airs, you should start the ground custom combos with
c.strong, unless of course, you are punishing a big mistake (whiffed dp,
whiffed super, etc.)

She can combo into custom off an:

  1. EARLY c.rh anti-air
  2. Traded c.rh anti air
  3. EARLY short SBK anti-air
  4. In corner, fierce kikkoken, while they try and jump away from you.
  5. Flip kick (oc. rh) works ANYWHERE.
  6. c.jab x 2 (CC) c.strong into whatever
  7. RH l.legs ( 2hits) activate into whatever

Whatever else you want to talk about A-Chun, post it here. If there are any other combo-into-cc stuff or any peculiar customs you wanna put in that you consider worthwhile using, please put them here and the reason why you would do them.

is a-chun good enuff to rely on in tourny play? and does this cc work? i temporarily lost my cvs2 game so i cant find out ifit works

HPx4, HK SBK, HPx3, [HK SBK]xN, HP, kick super/kikousho

I’m too lazy to check your custom, but it sounds like it may work.

A-Chun is good enough for tournament play. I used to use her as the lead-off for my team (Chun/Sak/Iori (2)). I never really relied on her CCs that much though. A-Chun works well without her CCs, since she has the potential to hold two Lv.1’s, which basically means she has the ability to end the round with one s. SP. I see no problem with that.

Her CCs are versatile enough to warrant use, but I almost always preffered to save the meter whenever possible. Her CCs don’t do much more than a regular combo-> super (without a second super attached), and take a whole other level.