chun li

matchup thread lacks a strategy.
besides turtelling the living fuck and not throwing hadokens when she has ultra…

I really cant think of any tips or strats to beat her.

on average players, I like to bait her, because it’s SOOOOO easy to FA into a combo, and alot of chun players go to this move when you stand at a certain range. If you get knocked down… Unless she is across the screen, I teleport no matter what, do to that stupid crossup flipping ninja kick she has. you can try to srk on wake, but if you don’t time it within the few frames you need to, then your srk can go the other way which will lead to you eating a massive combo on punish.

Definitley refrain from jumping in on her if she’s crouchng, however, if she’s walking backwards at a distance, it’s pretty obvious she’s going to throw a fireball so you can usually predict a demonflip, but be careful on spaming anything in the air, because she’ll spinning bird kick you, which will put you on the ground leading to her wake-up games which are vicious.

I just beat someone with 12000 GP (I got 7500) on G2 with Akuma. I mainly did crossups on her, which let me do evil combos from there, dealing massive damage. But yea you got no choice but to turtle when she has ultra :confused:

There’s nothing wrong with throwing fireballs when her ultra is charged. A simple fireball will knock here out of her ultra every single time. It’s not like she has a Vega ultra where it can kill fireball spammers if the player’s fingers are quick enough.

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I wasnt even aware that you could stop her “hose and shoe” with the guard breaker thing…

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12strike, thats wrong, her ultra allows her to pass your fireball and hit you with it.

just use your strat from the op. that’ll HELLA work.

It depends on how it’s done.

For example, I just tried it out in 2 player versus mode yesterday. If she does her ultra, if you’re quick enough you can knock her out of it with his regular fireball. Someone like Vega has a far more dangerous ultra for fireball throwers.

Or you can just block it and punish with something 10x more powerful.

Throwing fireballs at an ultra charged chun/able/vega/seth is bad for your health.

Aren’t matchup questions supposed to go in the matchups thread?

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