Chun Li Win Quotes

I am sorry if this is a stupid question, or has been asked elsewhere, but I have spent the entire week finding nothing on this, and you guys are my last resort. Is there a guide or listing of Chun Li’s win quotes anywhere out there?

Any help would be appreciated.

Have your console (PS3 or 360) set to english and hear them yourself that would be the easiest way to get them.

Actually the win quotes are text only, at least in the PS3 version (it’s the little text your character says after winning a match).

I’ve been meaning to make a list of these myself, but didn’t get around to it. I’m at work for the next 4 days so won’t have time to :frowning:

01: "Well, you’ve stopped moving. I guess that means you’re done fighting."
06(my favorite): “I’m the strongest woman in the world! No man can compare!”

I have no idea what the English win quotes are, I’ve never seen them. Best I can do for you is a translation of the Japanese win quotes.


What’s wrong? You’ve stopped moving…finished already?
In a high-paced match my kicks cannot be dodged!
That was a great match! Someone should have got that on video!
It doesn’t matter how strong your attack is if I can dodge it!
Having lost this decisively, you understand don’t you?
Hmph, all men fall to their knees before me!
Its no good trying to be flashy. Hard work is the way to improve your speed.
Were you feeling allright? That couldn’t have been everything you got?
Ah, my hair buns have gotten warped. Gotta fix em…
Maybe I’ll have you buy me a crepe…
Thanks! (in Chinese)

Character Specific

Vs Ryu
Even having beat you like this, knowing you you’re just going to come back even stronger.

Vs Ken
Haven’t you been spending too much time with your wife instead of training?

Vs Chun
I’m not yet something to be taken so lightly!

Vs Honda
Maybe you should get in those baths you like so much and wash off some sweat.

Vs Blanka
You’re too outta control! Calm down a little!

Vs Zangief
Even the Russian hero falls before me.

Vs Guile
If that’s all you’ve got, then the American military isn’t anything special.

Vs Dhalsim
Maybe I should try dieting through yoga…

Vs Balrog
Even Chinese medicine won’t make a person this stupid!

Vs Vega
Is your face really so important that you have to protect it?

Vs Sagat
You won’t be able to beat him the way you are now.

Vs Bison
I won’t forgive you! You will be arrested!

Vs C.Viper (Rival Battle)
Get a clue! Now you won’t be able to interfere anymore!

Vs Rufus
Yeah…you’re just too big. Your movements are a waste…

Vs El Fuerte
How should I say this…perhaps cooking isn’t your thing.

Vs Abel
You’re also searching for something…I know the feeling of not wanting to give up.

Vs Seth
So people are able to create this kind of power…if used for evil, that’ll really cause problems.

Vs Akuma
What terrifying strength! Honestly, I don’t want to fight against it…

Vs Gouken

Vs Sakura
"Fighting High School Girl"…I was the same when I was younger!

Vs Fei Long
I wonder if I could become an actress…

Vs Dan

Vs Cammy

Vs Gen
This time, I’ll have you tell me everything you know.

Vs Rose
Hey…the one who combines beauty and strength is me!

Americanised versions:

Well you stopped moving. I guess that means you’re done fighting.
You clearly don’t have what it takes to stand up to my kicks!
That was a great match! I wished I brought my camera to capture it all on film.
It doesn’t matter how strong you are if none of your attacks connect!
A loss like this leaves you no choice but to admit your own weakness!
I’m the strongest woman in the world, no man can compare!
Oh no you knocked one of my hair buns out of alignment!
I’ll let you buy me desert to make up for that pitiful performance!
Thanks for the memories!

I missed 2 but that’s all what I remember off the top of my head.

Thank you Azrael and j0ns, that is pretty much what I was looking for. Personally, I would rather have seen win quotes/colors/personal action information included in the strategy guide rather then frame data, but thats just me :karate:

Thanks For the Memories

Hey guys, do you have any idea what number “Thanks for the Memories” is for Chun Li? :rolleyes:

I allways thought the win quotes you select are the little win pose she does after each round. Never bothered with them :stuck_out_tongue:

Follow up: it’s quote 11.

Hi Azrael,
I’ve read a lot of your posts on Chun Li before, just want to say thanks for them. They’re very informative and I’ve actually learnt some things from them, great job! :slight_smile:

But on regards to winning quotes. I have one that’s sticking out… I don’t know which number pose exactly as I’m at work and can’t test it now. But one of them sounds very much like what Pai Chan says in Virtua Fighter. I’ll post a link, maybe you can enlighten me and maybe others who have thought of it.

(Pai Chan’s last quote in this video I can’t find the earlier VF so this is from the 5th game)

Is it the same or slightly different?

I’ve read from a site on Pai Chan: "The most notable quote of hers is “Anata niwa kunfuu ga tarinai wa”, translated from Japanese as “Your kung fu was not enough.”

Many thanks :slight_smile:

The win quote vs Gouken in English was : “You look… familiar. As if you remind me of someone.”

The win quotes changed in Super, didn’t they?

Yeah I think those quotes are all from SF4, I’ve been playing on xbox live while PSN is down and I’ve seen these quotes
but the ones in Super are different.
My favorite one in Super is something along the lines of her wanting to eat some sweets to renergize
cuz as we all know putting foot to face wil make ya hungry, haha.

Her arcade win quotes.

RYU: I always enjoy fighting you. I learn something new every time!
KEN: So, how´s your wife doing? Shouldn´t you go home to
check on her?
E.HONDA: I love sweets. Feeling up to goint to get a bite
to eat after this?
BLANKA: You´re fast, but not fast enough to beat me!
ZANGIEF: Looks like a victor has been declared in the battle of
your arms versus my legs!
GUILE: Are you feeling OK? Your attacks were awfully weak…
DHALSIM: I´d like to try yoga, but would I have to stretch
my arms like that?
BALROG: Looks like you´ll be spending the next few years
behind bars where you belong!
VEGA: If you see weakness as ugly, you can´t call yourself beautiful
SAGAT: I can see why Ryu considers you a worthy rival. But
I´m no pushover either, am I?
M.BISON: You have no idea how long I´ve waited for this! You´ll pay
for your sins!
C.VIPER: Was I too strong for you?
RUFUS: You´d be a really strong fighter if you could shed a
few pounds.
EL FUERTE: If you want to succeed at cooking, you have to keep
your spices straight.
ABEL: I sure hope you find who you´re looking for.
SETH: I´ll see to it that you never use my moves to hurt
people again!
AKUMA: I hate to say this, but I might not be able to beat
you next time…
GOUKEN: Your moves remind me of Ryu and Ken´s. Do you know
those guys?
CAMMY: Your injuries haven´t fully healed yet. Just relax and
leave the rest to me!
FEI LONG: What do you think of my moves? Impressive, no?
SAKURA: I know you like chasing Ryu around, but you should think of
your future, too.
ROSE: Would you mind telling my fortune? I want to know when I´ll
meet Mr. Right.
GEN: Where did you meet my father? Tell me! Tell me everything
you know about him!
DAN: Sorry, but I´m too busy to mess around. Challenge me again
after some training!
T.HAWK: I know how you feel, but you´d better off leaving her
rescue to us pros!
DEE JAY: I like your rhythm, but I dance to the beat of my own drum.
GUY: So, this tournament has Bushinryu fighters too, does it?
CODY: You used to be a hero, Cody! What happened to you?
IBUKI: You´re far too puny too hurt me!
MAKOTO: If you have any fliers for your dojo, I can give some to
my friend to display.
DUDLEY: That felt good! Thanks for the workout!
ADON: You probably don´t want to hear this. but Sagat is way stronger
than you.
HAKAN: I´ve never seen moves like that before!
JURI: What would your parents think if they saw you now?

Her general win quotes


1: Keep an eye on me, father! I won´t let you down!
2: I feel even stronger than usual, That special training really paid off!
3: Phew! That was no picnic! I guess I need to build up more muscle mass!
4: Compared to the scum I deal with as a cop, fighting you was a piece
of cake!
5: I´m tired. Maybe I´ll eat some sweets to recharge.
6: All men bow before me! I´m the strongest woman in the world!
7: Not bad! We should do this again sometime!
8: You were out of breath toward the end. You need to work on your stamina.
9: Sorry to be blunt, but you just don´t have what it takes to beat me.
10: I did it!
11: Thanks!

I have mine set to number 9 forever.

The character-specific quotes against her are pretty amusing too. Viper has something like this in Vanilla arcade - “Here’s a word of advice. Men don’t like such muscular legs.”

The greatest of her win quotes overall was in X-Men vs Street Fighter. I hope it returns in a future game.