Chun li vs fei long

Hi all,

I’ve been using Chun-Li lately and have found that I have problems with Fei Long. I was wondering if someone could give me some pointers on how to fight him. (I also have problems with Deejay and sometimes Vega as well but Fei Long is by far the biggest thorn in my side…so if anyone has tips on those 2 also that would be great.) I’d say I’m an above average street fighter player but definitely not a pro. I majored in Street Fighter 2 at UCLA back when champion and turbo editions were around so I’m not as familiar with the HD remix, but I’ve played enough since buying it to know most about how it works. Thanks in advance for any tips!


I have yet to play any good Fei Longs but if you’re having trouble with an airborne Fei, try using neutral jump HK. If they haven’t nerfed it, it’ll beat chicken wing kick (which has nerfed air-to-air priority now, I believe) and pretty much all his jump ins. Or maybe a psychic jump mp.

Run away and jab fireball all day son.

Ok, I will give that a try. Thanks!

Fei’s chicken wing kick is really good, and now that it’s dead easy to do, Fei players like to abuse it. Chun Li’s standing roundhouse is your friend, it stops the CW cold.

Yes, yes.

Basically, you wanna turtle the crap out of this match. This used to be a bad thing to do, because Chun had no answer for repeated Chicken Wings in the corner (J.Lk has always beat it cleanly), but now the Chicken Wing trap, while still effective, isn’t quite as deadly against Chun. Playing the mind game here is favorable compared to how it used to be.

When you’re not in the corner, do a lot of C.Mk and Neutral J.Lk, mixed in with Kikokens - especially for AA. This will give Fei a hard time knocking you down, hitting you with Rekkas, etc.

To really handle this match though, you need to have a grasp on Fei’s corner traps. I’m not exactly a great Fei player, but I’d say the corner mind games go something like this…Fei will come up on you and do one of two things:

  1. Chicken Wing

  2. Rekka x2, wait.

After Chicken Wing, he can either do instant Flame Kicks, another Chicken Wing, or go for the throw.

After Rekka, he can also go for the Flame Kicks, but he can also start up the Rekka pressure again, he can do the third Rekka punch (which knocks down) incredibly late, Chicken Wing/J.Hk, or he can pressure you with normals.

The point of both of these are different: Blocking a Chicken Wing is intense, cos it puts Fei right in your face, but Rekkas are different - the whole point of Rekka x2 is that if the Fei player does it right, he’ll wind up just outside of the range of all your normals.

The good news about this guessing game is that you have three or four options which shut down several of his:

  1. Neutral J.Lk: This will beat Chicken Wings clean every time, and almost always beats Feis other jump-ins. This will also peg Fei on the way down if he went for Rekkas. DON’T use this option after a blocked Chicken Wing, because he’s close enough to just go for a Flame Kick which will hit you right out of the air.

  2. FP Kikoken: This is useful because it will hit Fei out of his Flame Kicks. This is about the only way to handle Flame Kicks safely. You could, of course, just wait and see what he does, but Fei would love it if you kept waiting and watching - that way, he can just sit there and pressure you forever. Use FP Kikoken because it has the shortest recovery time, and will reach Fei the quickest, making it decisively the most useful version of the fireball in this situation. Fei’s counter to this will be the Chicken Wing.

  3. C.Mk/C.Hk: There is a use for normals in this guessing game, though: Your normals have a high probability of beating Fei’s, and as opposed to the FP Kikoken, you’ll have ample time to act if Fei does the Chicken Wing and you went for C.Mk. I have C.Hk in there because if you can knock Fei down, you can start putting the pressure on him, but I recommend using this one sparingly since it’s really unsafe in this situation.

  4. Throw: You can use this against Feis with bad Chicken Wing timing, but the main importance of this option is of course to Counter or Tech Fei’s throw attempt.

Basically, you have the advantage in this guessing game as your options are safer, but Fei has the advantage that if he guesses right, you’re gonna eat a crapload of damage.

The last aspect of this match is rushing down Fei. You can rush Fei down, but be careful - if there’s one thing I learned from playing Jumpsuit, an EXCELLENT Fei player, it’s that Fei will lay your ass flat if you are not super careful when trying to rush Fei. It might seem risky, but it’s important to at least try to incorporate a bit of offense in this match, as you’ll be hard-pressed to kill Fei with nothing but Fireballs, C.Mk, and J.Lk. You gotta throw in some throws!

Keep in mind that the majority of all chunli’s normals will stuff all if not the majority of fei’s normals. All chunli needs to do is turtle and mix up her normals, fbs, and throws(dang throw is still dangerous). Meaty df+ roundhouse is still good even tho it no longer cross up(thank god they fixed this).

Remember that Fei needs to advance and stay in max rekka range to win, if he does not advance and create openings, he cannot win. Which is also why fei has a very hard time against turtle characters cough e. honda/claw/guile cough.

You can also go to the Chun Li thread and find your answers to any questions about her. Just trying to keep all the info in one place, na mean?

All Chun Li has to do is kikoken Fielong to death, with the additional recovery on Chicken Wing Fielong loses a major lockdown against charge characters. Any CW will be punished with strong throw if in range if not low forward then kikoken again. Fie’s normals lose in this match and most of his jump ins can be countered by low rh and standing fwd.

Thanks guys, I really appreciate it! I will try out those strategies.

FreshOJ - I did look at the Chun Li thread but it wasn’t as detailed for Fei Long as I needed it to be.

Garbage- I noticed you gave some props to James Chen. I actually went to college with him…he pretty much majored in Street Fighter as well :slight_smile:

By the way, I read in another thread that Fei’s jumping jab beats Chuns neutral forward or HK. Is this true? If so, it would seem to me that it would make it harder to do Garbage’s strategy.

Thank again guys!

speed -

fei’s j.lp does beat chun’s, but your options are still quite viable at that point. also: remember that fei has the second shortest throw range in the game. ABUSE THIS.

/fei player, wondering why im telling you about his weaknesses. :stuck_out_tongue:

Shut up. Fei ownz. Jk <3

Damn straight I majored in Street Fighter. :slight_smile:

But I’m confused… you say you were at UCLA back when Champion Edition and Hyper Fighting were there, I only went to UCLA from late late Super Turbo and on. So I’m not sure how we went to college at the same time. :slight_smile: Since you only have your nick here, I’m not sure who you are exactly. Send me a PM or something!

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That’s exactly when you need to ask your question in the Chun Li thread. That way the information stays in one place. :slight_smile:

Do you understand where I’m coming from here? Whether it be myself or someone else new, someone else may end up asking the same question you just did. They’ll think that the information would be in the Chun Li thread and…lo and behold…it isn’t. Make it easy for everyone…present and future. That’s all I’m saying. But…hey…I’m not a mod and others more senior than I have answered your question, so there you go. If anything, take my advice next time.

And don’t trip…'cause I’ll be the first one to put egg on my own face and admit I’ve made mistakes, too. I’m not coming down on you at all. Who am I to do so? This is just friendly advice. Cool?

OJ - Yep, I totally understand. I will direct further Chun Li questions there.

Jchensor…I sent you a PM