Chun Li Training (PS3)

I really need a veteran Chun Li player to train me and play me in mirror matches. I don’t know anybody here yet really so I’m not sure who to ask, so here’s this topic.

My PSN is SSj4_Ryuk

Anybody can add me though, but I really need a Chun Li pro. Thanks.

If you’re playing on PSN try to play in rooms with Jinjah16 (or Jinjah3, he uses both), he’s the best Chun player on PSN that still plays regularly, though he also uses a lot of Cammy and Bison as well. He’s not as flashy as Voltech but his fundamentals and spacing are very solid. I have a bunch of videos of him playing on my Youtube page, here’s one:


I’ve played Jinjah, and Voltech sounds familiar. I know Jinjah generally destroys me but I don’t think he picked Chun. It was Vega mostly, IIRC.

I’ll ask them, thanks. Still gonna keep this open. The more the merrier.