Chun-li SSF4 to use need tips

well in SSF4 AE chun-li’s ultra or super requires a charge. how can you link this move to a combo? or all you can do is unleash this attack on a blocked attack or when your opponent is in a recovery frame?

i would like to request some tips


There are combos for it, but, dude, it’s basically a 2 frame punish.

The second someone sweeps from not full range, hell the second anyone does anything that’s more than negative 1, just let it rip.

Also, u1 can go through a fireball, super, not so much.

always charge.

with her super, you can combo it off of practically anything, and it punishes pretty much anything.
a basic combo for her super is air target combo into cr.fp, mk sbk then super. hold charge as soon as u hit cr.fp
another easy combo to land super: cr.fp xx mk legs xx super charge as soon as u hit cr.fp

u1 is a little more specific. ex legs u1
start charging when u hit cr mk

thanks for the tip, how can you cancel the mk legs? when is the proper timing ? once you hear the first hit?

Yeah, Super is mostly for punishing blocked fireballs, or pretty much anything more recover-y than 1-2 frames. You will use :mk: version super the most.

Yes, when you see the Lightning Kick hitting and you’re still sitting on a charge, you can do the rest of the motion for super and the Legs move should cancel into super.

Super can link from s. mp, c. mk, and s. hp, to my knowledge.

For U1, pretty much you should be crouching/sitting on a charge when you’re hitting EX legs. Do note that the juggles can be character specific when you’re in the corner. Some characters fall out of U1 before Chun-Li can hit the launcher/rising part of the ultra.

I hope these can help (old SF4, but it should still be the same):




As a bonus, you can also cancel kikoken into super, and even Hazanshu into super.