Chun Li SA2 Parry

The best I can do against this super is block the first hit, red parry, then parry the rest. That’s VERY risky and I only do it when I’m showing off… usually I block the first, then parry the last volley and the final hit.

What I need to know is WHEN the first hit connects, I always started when she yelled “HA!!”. Is that right? Or is it when she stops advancing towards you? I’ve had about a 30% success rate with that, and once I get in the parrying I loose speed and end up eating the rest of the super.

tap (not hold) forward right before the screen flash.

yeah tap forward before u see the flash, it requires a little of prediction. U can also wait after the flash when Chun’s leg is into your mouth and tap forward in that precise moment, but this method is very hard to do. The other one is easyer for sure.

Have any of you actually parried it?

Yes, and it’s not that big of a deal.

Tons of people can parry it, and it’s really not that hard if you practice it a lot in training or something.

If you can’t get it, it’s no big deal either. Just keep trying and you’ll get the hang of it. Just remember to count your hits, and that the first hit is the hardest.

Then you can work on stuff like air-parrying Necro’s Magnetic Storm.

As I’ve said many times before, you can parry after the flash. Wait until Chun is in your face with her knee lifted. It’s tight timing, but the flash gives you time to prepare.

I found that easier to figure out than Chun-Li’s SA2. Air-parrying is great for people who think they can get away with doing a super while you’re jumping in.

I only parry huge block-damage supers to avoid a “Cheap”, the tons of nicks to my health that are easy to avoid and when it’s easy/do-or-die. And there are few supers I can’t parry now. Just Chun’s SA2 is causing problems, I just want to know it.

There was a time I did parry a hit of Akuma’s lightning super, but don’t know what the timing is since the CPU won’t do it. So if anyone knows that post it. Then there’s Gil’s Angel Rainbow Death Massive Block Damage supper… want to know that.

afaik, you can’t parry Gills wing super, or Akuma’s lvl3 ground pound super either… But I haven’t really tried. Red parry anyone?

Necro’s magnetic storm is a crazy air-parry IMO. You’ve got to be on the ball to recognize when you cross him up to start parrying in the other direction.

Only the first hit of Akuma’s KKZ is unparryable, so you can red parry the rest. As for Gill, all of the Seraphic Wing’s hits are unparryable.

When I drift over to the other side, that’s when I eat it. Because I really don’t know when it will happen, I just luck out if I don’t. Then again, I don’t jump in much when people pick that super or Chun’s SA1.

Thanks guys, I am getting the hang of catching the first hit.

Haven’t been on the forums for a while but FINALLY somebody agrees with me here.

Sa2 can be parried AFTER the super freeze.

parry oro’s huge ball super

That shit is mad easy on a pad lol… like ibuki’s knives. Just mash towards like a madman, no timing needed. These kind of supers are all the same.

Oro’s super ball is easy.

Okay, I can do the first hit on Chun’s SAII, but how long do you wait before starting to tap? I keep parrying the first one and then eating the rest, or parrying the next couple and eating the rest. Forward before superflash, then when’s the next forward?

To get used to the rhythm for parrying Houyokusen (or any super), tap forward on your stick in unison with your dummy while you record in parry training.

as far as this particular move goes, I think it’s better to get used to parrying after the super flash rather than before since you can’t realistically predict in a match exactly when your opp is going to activate.

I don’t know if this helps but I do all my parrying based on sound and rhythm. Just listen to the rhythm of the parry on training mode and just follow it. It’s really simple to parry any attack once you’ve learned it’s rhythm… doods.


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i caN PARRY the first hit, i end up eating the rest, ive tried lots, hmmm

thx i can parry chun li’s super now

what is the timing to parry ken’s shippu
i tried parrying when its about to hit but it doesnt seem to work