Chun Li Comboes

Im fairly new to SF 3 and I was wondering if someone could answer a question concerning Chun- Li.

Is it possible to build a 21 hit combo by using:

EX Kikouken from full screen, dash in order to beat it then use DF + HK in order to do that cross-up while allowing your opponent to take damage from the Kikouken, and then cancel into a Houyokusen (Super Art II)Super jump cancel out of the Super Art and perform her In air HP + HP combo.

For the most part I can do all of this combo except for the Kikouken, which is why I was wondering if its even possible to get it to hit with that timing. Also, if someone can add to that combo or provide me with an alternative, it would be VERY MUCH appreciated. Thanks.

uummmmmm no


To Daigo Jr:

NO. Just no. Standing HP doesn’t cancel from ANYTHING, that’s an extremely basic bit of knowledge. LP->LK yes, but you won’t ever pull the standing HP.

And don’t you DARE use a Kikouken as a super cancel. You’re sacrificing major damage because you couldn’t pull a simple double QCF buffer.

To the Capn:

(The following is under the assumption that your opponent stands still.)

If you and your opponent are at a full screen’s length, you can’t dash fast enough to beat the EX Kikouken, because Chun has massive recovery after she throws it. It’s halfway across the screen before you can even move. If your opponent is in the corner, then even if you could move fast enough, your DF+HK can’t cross the opponent up.

However, you do have just enough time to double dash and D+MK->Houyoku-Sen->Air Combo, the D+MK will actually combo from the Kikouken’s hit-stun. If they high block or parry (which is much more likely to happen), then you may also be able to connect the D+MK in time. Against Ryu/Ken, this method deals 61 points of damage, where as a simple D+MK->Houyoku-Sen->Air Combo deals 67, and you don’t waste half a super bar on a projectile.

Although, you still sacrifice a lot of the Houyoku-Sen’s damage purely for the fact that you’re comboing from a special move.

I’m thinking though, that you may only really be trying to do that combo you listed purely for show. In that case, sorry, but it’s impossible.

If you want a less flashy, but totally more damaging combo, try DF+HK->B+HP->Houyoku-Sen->Air Combo. 74 Points of damage, and a complete FUCKLOAD of stun. Alone, that does just around 75% stun to Akuma and Remy. Against Ryu/Ken, it’s about two thirds, thereabouts.

Alright sweet! Thanks alot. That combo is not only simple to pull off, but it also beats the crap out of anything that gets in the way. Very nice. Also, is it possible to SJ Cancel out of the hoyoukosen into the HP HP in air and then cancel into another hoyoukosen? I heard its possible to do to Hoyoukosens in one combo, but I dont know how, or if it is even possible. That is, without a full stun gauge.

The double Houyoku-Sen is best done in the corner, and it’s set up from an air reset. When you’ve got full super, land your first Houyoku-Sen, but don’t use the HP-HP combo when you jump cancel. Instead, hit them with a jumping MP or MK to make them flip. Chun will land whilst they’re floating.

Next, throw a UOH timed to catch them when they land. From there, you simply link another Houyoku-Sen.

So it runs like this:

D+MK -> Houyoku-Sen -> Jump Cancel -> MP/MK -> UOH -> Houyoku-Sen.

I think that the UOH can actually be blocked or parried, the computer seems to do it in training mode when set to Auto Guard. But, some opponents fall for it because Chun is at the bottom (off-screen) when she throws the UOH.

If you dont mind me asking, UOH stands for universal overhead, correct? As in MP+MK?


After all of the combo damage reduction and other combo damage deterrants, do you know about how much damage this would do? Either in points or percentage. Preferably points because the Percentage is different for each character. Also, if you dont feel like turning on ur console to go try this, an approximation works too. Im just curious as to whether or not a combo like this is actually worth two bars of SA meter.

Funny you should say that, I was in the middle of a small console rumble with some mates when I saw this.

Okay. I’ve run and rerun that version of the Double Hoyoku-Sen, and the aerial attack you use to flip them resets their air state at the end, and if you throw the MP+MK too soon, you’ll hit them whilst they’re still floating and wont get the second super. What this means it that when they land, if they have sick timing they can block or parry the UOH. What it also means though, is that the second super won’t take as much damage reduction as if the process were a true combo.

I should also note here that there is not enough time for Chun to rear back and connect the UOH at the opponent’s leg. The super will only be counted as a combo by the computer if it hits low because there’s more hitstun. I set the computer to autoguard to see if it would block the super after a high UOH, but it didn’t, and it still didn’t count as a combo.

From training mode, autoguard on, the combo above does 65 points until before you throw the UOH->super. The UOH does 5 damage, and the super->Jump->Air Combo (I used HP->HP) does 58. So, if you manage to land this setup, you’ll do 128 points of damage to Ken, Ryu, Alex and Dudley.

(Funnily enough, even if Chun did connect a low UOH, a true combo with the low UOH->super->etc still does 63 damage total, so you still get the same total damage in the end.)

So, insofar as I can deduce, there is only one weak point with this play, which is the chance that the opponent will block or parry the UOH. However, if it connects, your damage is guaranteed, and your opponent will be in serious, serious pain.

If Akuma falls for this, then he’s losing about 95% of his life, and about 75% of his stun bar. And not to get your hopes up, but considering the exorbitant number of players who panic after seeing their life bar shattered from the first super combo…


To the more learned players around, is my description of the Double Houyoku-Sen accurate? Is there anything that I’ve missed or may have gotten wrong?

Awesome… pure awesome… wow. All I can say is Thanks for all the help and There is a tournament this Friday and I expect to be using this… :lovin:

Heh, don’t go abusing it though. All one needs to do is watch Chun’s reaction when she flips them with the aerial attack. That, and when you’re defending, if you start high blocking at any point before you land, you can easily nullify the UOH. However, it’s an okay plan to try if you know that your opponent likes to low-block a lot.

Just please, please, don’t rush things and input the second super when you see the UOH blocked, because it is actually a link, there’s plenty of time to abort the gameplan and react appropriately. I trust that you’re skilled enough to know not to do things like that, but I hate seeing people throw out a super that is so obviously not going to connect.

ive been attempting this when ive had two full bars of meter. I cant seem to land the UOH. What should the timing be for this? I think im always going too early therefore the UOH doesnt seem to connect. THat, or I go too late and the UOH is blocked. Can someone explain the timing in detail? JUST for the second half of the combo? The 1st half is understandably simple.