Chun-Li chillin'

This Chun-Li pic I’ve done was supposed to have been for the artbook,if it’s still happening.I hope you guys like it & feel free to comment

Not bad. The arms seem a bit long but that may just be because the sleeves come all the way down to the hands. Only thing else is nothing distinguishes this as Chun Li. It could be any lady.

I’m not sure how you could really fix that though. Maybe add in some chun li gauntlets laying beside her or something.

Good job though.

Thanks.I was thinking about adding her gauntlets next to her leg.I can still fix it though

I think what makes this hard for viewers to say that that’s Chun Li are several things:

the shape of her skull does not remind me of Chun Li, and that her torso isn’t as long (i think).

I can tell you that the clothing is probably missing some wrinkles, but heck I can’t really do wrinkles, creases and folds that easily myself.

Something about the band in her hair is kinda throwing me off. Makes her hair look a little weird. Hot drawing tho