Chun-Li Avatar and Matching Sig Request

Forget the sig. I only need two avatars.

It’d be awesome if someone could make two avatars, one with* only* Chun (my main in SSF4) in it, and the other with only Sakura and the name Kirb somewhere on it with a cool background. Have fun with the background, it doesnt really matter as long as it looks good.

These are the images that I’d like to be used, use any that will fit in. Although the image with Chun in a dress (the one with fei and gen in it) looks to be the best one.

Images for Chun:
[]Her SF2THDR portrait although if you decide to use it just flip it so she’s facing right
]Sweet action pose
[]The pose and dress are really nice
]I think this would be a good avatar, but you decide

Images for Sakura:
[]Nice standing pose
]Another nice pose

I hope that was clear, but if anything sounds confusing just let me know.

I cannot stress this enough but a million thanks to anyone that can do this for me.

Can’t use sig art on

Whoops, I had no idea. I’ll change it now.

Stupid double post