Chun leg tricks

ok i am a cvs2 player trying to pick up this game and i wanna learn chun. I really need to no how to do back hp and if they parry into kicks or dash into kicks. Only way i get them kicks to work is to mash hk a bunch of times. In cvs2 i can do lk mk hk lk hk and i get it but that dont work in this game. if anyone has tips help a nigga out

for back hp into legs, hit back+hp+mk at the same time then keep double tapping mk, or if you want to use hk do back+hp~hk (to avoid taunt). double tapping is the best way to do it, you have to press the same button unlike cvs2 where you can use different strengths. so if you do dash (double tap during dash), dash (double dap during dash), double tap, legs should come out, etc

You can press back + HP + HK it won’t make a taunt but a back + HP if opponent parry your back HP and if you have mashed on HK lightening leg will come out.

thanks for the tip gonna try it this week

Last SBO, i saw MOV do walk into lightning kicks. And tricks for that?

have the legs buffered before you start walking, and press k at the last possible moment