Chun an terrible match up against urien

man chun is a bitch for urien to deal with. in a tourney i made it to see if ill make it to the final but his chun. was hard to get into. i stuck with urien. i know i should have went with ken. but the way of the samuri lives within me. i used saII and thought that was my problem but the i played my friend with saIII and still had trouble. any one can give any hints.

chun u damn hoe


he has an unblockable versus her… one of the easiest… check tokido vs justin wong that shit was tight

yeha but on the tournament that bitch didnt jump for shit. she jumped maybe three times out of the 4 matches. and i punished her so he didnt jump. and its hard to get to her with her damn fierce punch. even if i tec it gives her range. i dont know it was just hard. i guess i should of used my firecr punch any other suggestions.

get used to it. Chun Li isn’t supposed to jump a lot.

On the ground, Urien’s pokes (standing FP, low RK, and to a lesser degree low MK) are almost on par with Chun Li’s pokes (standing FP, back FP, low MK). It’s when she gets one bar that you need to be careful with your pokes.

One option to deal with Chun Li is to turtle her back. Get bar where you can, try not to eat her low mk -> super. Push her to the corner when you get the opportunity. (crush -> aegis…though watch out again if she has bar). This style of play is really boring, but it might give you a chance against her.

You said that it’s hard to connect Urien’s low fierce. It’s all about experience. I can only suggest you play more matches against Chun Li and try to figure out when are good situations to connect the low fierce.

Oh, and forget about Urien’s SAII. If you say that you’re having trouble connecting a low fierce against her, SAII is USELESS for you.

You used SAII in a tourney…brave man.

o my bad i use saI and got 3rd. but ur right shes just such a whore. next time saIII is the only choice against a good chun. my friend is saI but oh well. thnx for info. any one else with suggestion. i would appreciate;)