Chrono Resurrection Playthrough

Hi guys and girls

here is a new trailer of Chrono Resurrection Playthrough



wtf is this shit

and when can I get it?


What kind of cruel joke is this?

NEVER. Square killed it.

Wow that game looks amazing. Were they planning to sell that game?

As in it’s a canceled project?

No, it was a fan based game, Square found out and shut it down.

square can eat a dick, that game would’ve been amazing.

Yes, like The Fireboy mentioned, Square got wise to this and hit the developers with a cease & desist.

Yet I still don’t realize why they have so many fans. Seriously. When has Square actually ‘delivered’? The fuck? Did anyone want FF X-2? Did anyone want Advent Children? And the new Musashi game sucked. :mad:

Also, smooth move on killing Chrono Break as well.

you know what, they did the graphics really well but it doesnt look like they captured the fighting system properly at all.

it is still a demo, lot of twiking here a there. :wink:

My jaw literally dropped when Chrono woke up. The graphics are… simply amazing. Square can eat Godzilla’s dick for destroying this project.

Square Enix man…we have to find a way to shit on their faces…somehow.

Seriously I can’t stand these guys and not only because of that bullshit, but because they aren’t creative, they release the same shit over and over, they make endless spin-offs, they do closed-theater like fucking elitists, their characters all the same, sissy, emos etc etc etc fucking etc.

We have to do something showcasing our hate and how donkey they are…something large enough so they fucking know it and cry till they die…bitches.

For an unfinished demo made by fanboys with a small team , i’d say they made a damn good job.

Fuck Square these days.

They care more about re-releasing the old Final Fantasy games for the umpteenth time? LAME.

I wanted Advent Children. The only problem was… I was expecting a hell of a lot more. Story was wack. Yeah, nobody wanted FFX-2, but that was to bring in female gamers anyways I think.

Have to give them props for a fan-made game though.

Small team, but big heart and love for the game. It’s obvious they put their and souls making this one and they loved. Square Enix games comes from their asses.

I agree.

Sadly this was the closest we were ever going to get to have a 3d Chrono Trigger. Yeah, I know about all of the copyright shit, but still… damn. I wonder why it took them so long to have a gameplay video like this where you actually saw the game being played though? Square should’ve just said fuck it, and tried to market the damn project. All of that work is already in the thing, why not just recruit the people making it, have them finish it and all that and then market it. EASY money, from a team that loves the game enough to remake it for you.

It’s like how everyone wants a remake Final Fantasy 7. We know they can do it, they know they can do it, and they know we want them to do it, but they won’t because there’s no need to, because they have some many other titles, aka Final Fantasy, generating the money they need, IMO. Something on the scale of a Chrono Trigger Remake would only seem possible if Square was doing it in some type of desperation move, as if they were going bankrupt and needed something to get them back on track.

That would sell though. Easy money right there imo. It’s not like they are working on a new project at the moment… Or are they? Where the hell are the PS3 rpgs!! :mad:

I know I know, sometimes classics need to be left as classics. But damn, bringing a classic into HD graphics is so tempting.