Chrome crashes a lot when viewing videos

Anyone else have this problem with Chrome? Like a lot of people I watch a youtube or or livestream while doing something else too. I usually pop out on window with the video playing and continue browsing.

It happens at least 2-3 times a day where Flash crashes, and I have to reload the page. Pretty annoying.

Never happened to me ever. Try updating or reinstalling Chrome.

Try firefox or IE. They use an external flash handler, Chrome has one built in. If IE/Firefox works, it’s probably time to reinstall Chrome. If they exhibit the same issues, maybe sound card/video card driver issue.

After a reinstall of Linux, I’ve had problems with flash myself. Not just with Chrome, but firefox as wel, where after a few hours of having a browser open, if I view a video, the sound is either choppy or stuck in a loop like a skipping CD or vinyl. Only fixes if I close and reopen. Never had this happen before.

How does your video playback words from video files on a flash drive, CD/DVD or your HDD.
If your video playback is crapping out from local files as well, its your Video Card or Video Drivers.

Im having something similar I guess. Most of the times, when watching Youtube videos, my PC will get stuck and show BSOD, and I’ll have to restart. From what I can read of the BSOD, is a nv****.dll problem, I supossed it was caused by a bad driver installation, but tried a clean reinstall and nothing changed. I use Chrome most of the time, but I think this happens also with Firefox, etc.

One important note, if I turn fullscreen video on right as the video starts, nothing will happen - video will run just fine, the BSOD only happens when Im not watching full screen videos.

Wait, does this happen even after a clean reinstall of the OS? If that’s the case, then maybe it’s time to replace some hardware.

Sounds like its time for a hardware upgrade

Sorry d3v, I meant to say after a video card driver reinstall. I’ve read in many places that you should delete nv… bla bla.dll before installing the new driver, but I dont know who to trust. If you know the right procedure for doing that, I will try your method and post results.

What version of Flash do you have, and what’s your video card?

My video card is an Elitegroup 512MBGeForce 8500 GT, using Forceware 258.96 and driver
Flash version 10, from what I could see from Add and Delete Programs, Control Panel