Christmas Countdown 2005 (CvS2, MvC2, 3S, R4, Sauga vs TOSF 5 on 5)

Another long day of crazyness comes to a close…

CAPCOM VS SNK 2 (20 Entrants)
1st - JS Master
2nd - Poke Guy
3rd - Flightwing
4th - Kymah
5th - Noodleman
5th - Gerjay
7th - RPGv2
7th - MythicExile
9th - WB!
9th - Nagata Lock II
9th - Jiggabry
9th - Arcade Legend
13th - L.S.D.
13th - Sauvastika
13th - Random Hero
13th - Veggiebob2000
17th - Joseph
17th - Jikorocker
17th - Chr0nic
17th - Heavenlystriker

MARVEL VS CAPCOM 2 (24 Entrants)
1st - Jiggabry
2nd - Issac Graham
3rd - JS Master
4th - Alex
5th - G3nn
5th - Gerjay
7th - Ratio1beatdown
7th - ROC
9th - C Royd
9th - Chun
9th - Crayz Penguin
9th - IjokerI
13th - Krasshole
13th - Jason C
13th - Green
13th - DM
17th - Nagata Lock II
17th - Random Hero
17th - Bundy
17th - Mystic God
17th - Deathfist
17th - Daniel
17th - RPGv2
17th - javidjin2099

1st - Chun
2nd - C Royd
3rd - JS Master
4th - Adam B
5th - Phastestpig
5th - Quy
7th - YellowS4
7th - Ocean
9th - Paul
9th - Will
9th - Gaijinblaze
9th - Darkgigas
13th - Coveguy
13th - Chu
13th - WB!
13th - Sumit
17th - Gerjay
17th - Arcade Legend
17th - King Of Naboo
17th - Ereet
17th - Sekty
17th - Strider Hiryu
17th - Heavenlystriker
17th - Sam
25th - Kymah
25th - G3nn
25th - Cruxay
25th - RPGv2
25th - Jiggabry
25th - YoQ
25th - Nas

THE RATIO 4 CHALLENGE (32 Entrants - Capped)
1st - JS Master
2nd - Noodleman
3rd - Arcade Legend
4th - Flightwing
5th - Nagata Lock II
5th - Gerjay
7th - RPGv2
7th - Ratio1beatdown
9th - Heavenlystriker
9th - Sweet Cheeba
9th - Sauvastika
9th - Phastestpig
13th - Jiggabry
13th - Kymah
13th - Random Hero
13th - WB!
17th - Chr0nic
17th - Will
17th - ROC
17th - King Of Naboo
17th - Veggiebob2000
17th - Cruxay
17th - DM
17th - Jikorocker
25th - Issac Graham
25th - G3nn
25th - Joseph
25th - Fobhunter
25th - Krasshole
25th - Keiyu
25th - Strider Hiryu
25th - C Royd


TOSF Clinches at 13 - 9

DM (2 - 3. Beat Jonstar and JS Master. Lost to ROC, DarkDragon and G3nn)
Krasshole (0 - 5. Lost to ROC, DarkDragon, Jonstar, G3nn and JS Master)
Crayz Penguin (1 - 3. Beat ROC. Lost to DarkDragon, Jonstar and Genn. DNF JS Master)
Jiggabry (4 - 0. Beat ROC, DarkDragon, Jonstar and G3nn. DNF JS Master)
Gerjay (2 - 2. Beat Jonstar and G3nn. Lost to ROC and DarkDragon. DNF JS Master)

ROC (3 - 2. Beat DM, Krasshole and Gerjay. Lost to Crayz Penguin and Jiggabry)
DarkDragon (4 - 1. Beat DM, Krasshole, Crayz Penguin and Gerjay. Lost to Jiggabry)
Jonstar (2 - 3. Beat Krasshole and Crayz Penguin. Lost to DM, Jiggabry and Gerjay)
G3nn (3 - 2. Beat DM, Krasshole and Crayz Penguin. Lost to Jiggabry and Gerjay)
JS Master (1 - 1. Beat Krasshole. Lost to DM. DNF Crayz Penguin, Jiggabry and Gerjay)

That’s the full results. I hope everyone had a good time and I’ll see you all in a month or two after I’ve settled into my new place and can make the 2006 schedule.

good job team TOSF

Who is Alex? And was 5v5 taped?

good stuff santa


As for my own thoughts on the tournament…


It’s pretty obvious that we need 2 CvS2 cabinets for the larger tournaments. The R4 Challenge is the fastest tourney you can possibly have in that game and it still took 3 hours to finish. CvS2 didn’t even finish until almost 1am and that was with single match losers bracket and less entrants than R4.

It was great to see Will.

It was also great to hang with Pete. We’ll have to play Tekken 5 again sometime soon.

I should have beaten Eric in the R4 tourney.

Taking requests on what to hit Nam with in CvS2 (requests were Roll Roll Flashkick, Vega Air Super and something else, I forget) and hitting them all.

Tylor is a JD’ing monster. Too bad I missed him JD all of Cammy’s Rising Super.

Dorothy is the future of shit talk.

Big thanks to Marc for coming in despite having what appeared to be the flu or strep throat or something horrible that didn’t all him to talk much.

Big thanks to Jason for stepping up and running CvS2 in my absense while I taped Marvel.

The R4 Challenge was a lot of fun once again. The back to back draw games were soooooo crazy. I’m hoping to put that footage up near the end of the week or maybe earlier when I get time to edit and put the matches in the proper order.

The 5 on 5 was enjoyable. There were a couple of things that really stuck out in my mind though:

Big props to CQ for being fucking clutch against Jon and Eric despite being almost completely out of the scene.

Chris/Matt/Gerjay vs ROC, along with Matt vs Eric are matches that immediately come to mind as those Sauga should have won but didn’t pull out for one reason or another. Those 3 early matches created a hole that Sauga just couldn’t dig out of.

Jonstar isn’t nearly what he used to be. He needs to shake A LOT of rust.

Nathan played like a machine. He should have beaten Bryan and clinched earlier with the Double Snapout that somehow whiffed.

I guess that’s it for now. I’m sure this thread will fill up quicky with shit talk and woulda coulda shoulda so I’ll read when I wake up in the morning. GG’s to everyone I played.


Alex is a 15 year old ORBIT regular who made a lot of people look dumb today with basic Cable/Blackheart lockdown.

Top 5 of the singles tournament and the entire 5 on 5 were taped.

highlight of the night:

instead of shaking my hand after I beat Matt, Matt told me to “fuck off”.

genei G3nN!!!

yahoo! i only beat 3 people but i place all the way up at 5th!!

edit* i’d like to note “chun” has the gayest nick ever, gayer than mine, but he seemed like a friendly guy so it’s all good!

nagata lock, i remember exile rc.ed the fuk outta traitor ian off the tournment in loser bracket, how come he placed lower than my atm machine?

sorry matt.
genei fuking g3nN

25th - dfgdsfgdsg
25th - qwetret
25th - zxcvzxcv
25th - poiuyt
25th - lkjhgf
25th - mnbvcx
25th - gfhjdssa
25th - c-royd

hahaha nagata is the best.

CURT system owns me for free :sad: … and can we get the full story on what happened between Marvin and Matt??? I didn’t watch the match, only saw Matt telling Marvin to fuck off. :rofl:

Wow 5th at a tournament? You’re almost at my level now FatestPig.

That’s not a nick you dumb fuck. That’s his REAL NAME. Chun Ting Che of Team Waterloo!

i have no idea what’s wrong… probably strep, cuz i’m not really coughin / sneezing? i dunno. i hate doctors, so i’ll just let it heal on its own

personal highlights:

losing to will several times, but beating him once eventually (i don’t think i ever met will in the first place, so it was good meeting him)

my one victory in ratio4 vs strider with the clutch super at the end (i want that vid justin)

s++ against arcade legend, after losing to him countless times in casuals at orbit (i hate ur ryu)

i hate jay

i didn’t have to fix that many games! it was amazing! js didn’t break a thing!

notes many thanks to ryan, will, jay, tommy, and whoever else ran the brackets for 3s. i know i was supposed to be tourney director, but on top of being busy at orbit, my throat killed. thnx guys


yeah man, gotta give him props for this tourny.
At least all the shit-talk is done now…:arazz:

:lol: I think it’s just beginning. :lol:

np, hope you feel better

What teams were used in the 5 on 5?

This is from memory so I may be off a bit…

Chris = Cable/Sentinel/Cyclops
Matt = Sentinel/Storm/Commando
James = Sentinel/Cable/Cyclops
Bryan = Magneto/Storm/Sentinel
Gerjay = Sentinel/Storm/Commando

Steven = Iron Man/Storm/Cable
Stephen = Blackheart/Cable/Sentinel
Jon = Magneto/Cable/Sentinel
G3nn = Magneo/Cable/Sentinel
Eric = Magneto/Cable/Sentinel

I’m a bit hazy on Stephen and Eric’s team but I think those teams are accurate.


I lost the CvS2 brackets and had to do the results from memory (re-constructed them at home). I didn’t recall seeing Ian vs Jason but figured that he’d take down Cyrus (no offense Stavros). I edited the results.

As for Marvin’s placing, I post the results based on where they were in the bracket. Marvin was the last match of the 1st round of losers so his result got posted last.

OMG how could I forget

“Excuse me. Yes excuse me. I just wanted to tell you you have a big head. I’m trying to watch CvS2 and your big head is in the way.” Eric should have got a punch in the face right there from Pererick. That had to be one of the most assholish things I’ve ever heard but fuck man was it funny. Kin and I were dying.

Really fun tourney. Props to ppig for knocking me into losers in R4, Mo’s Alex and good games against Wing in CvS2. Saw lots of good games in all games yesterday.

so he uses chun and his name is chun…

3 questions

WHY is sauga so quiet?

WHY is CQ’s GF so loud?

WHY is JS Master so good?