Chris' Landmine Loses to [Insert Move List Here]

So, the past couple of weeks I’ve just been playing a handful of matches here and there, but one thing I notice when I get bopped sometimes is laying out a land mine. Whether it be the character on point or an assist. Land mine I think we all can agree is pretty crucial for teams that don’t have the drones, missiles, the usual.

I haven’t really taken the time to ever sitdown and go through what actually beats Land Mine. So, I decided I’ll start a list of what moves and assists just straight up beat it from experience.

It would be really awesome if you guys can help contribute, and I’m sure it’ll bring greater awareness along with better gameplay. I’ll make sure to add/edit your info into the list below. Also, please correct me if I’m wrong, as I just thought of this within like 2 minutes.

Landmine Loses To:
-Vergil Sword (H Version)
-EM Disruptor
-Viper Seismo
-Spencer Grapple (Fuck this move to hell)
-Berserker Barrage (The tail end of the move)
-Felicia Rolling Buckler (I’m not 100% sure, but I’m aware that the assist has some invincibility on it)
-Missiles (I could have sworn it happens)
-Frank Shopping Cart Assist
-Dormammu Pillar
-Akuma Tatsu (Another Move I’m Not 100% Sure, Although I’m Aware it usually eats projectiles)

Feel free to add your input please :slight_smile: Much would be appreciated.

Tha mine can punish tha cart and tha rolling cat nuff said

Wesker teleport (horizontal) can destroy landmine if he teleports early i.e. first few frames of putting down mine.

Sentinel’s normals (Excluding s.:h: and c.:h:) and Rocket punch.

Well luckily, I put it inside Maya’s shield (I use Wright) so it’s usually not destroyed that often

First of all, placing a landmine anywhere at anytime just cause you want to is downright a bad move on your part (that is if anyone keeps doing this all the time).

You do know that entering prone position while staying close to the landmine increases your chances of watching your opponent get hit by the landmine or witnessing both of your guys trade hits. But it only works with some attacks I’ll have to check again when I get the time to.

Dormammu’s Air everything

I don’t know if it is just Vergil’s H because though he can cancel out Projectiles, his normals at a certain range will keep him safe from even being hit by the explosion it seems last time I fought a Vergil.

Edit: And Charging Star as well

After watching GCYoshi play it seems like you need more of a mix of incendiary grenades and land mines to really keep people off you.

Well Chris players in general should use those grenades, but just referring to the Landmine because it is a very effective tool for people rushing or especially jumping in.

super skrulls meteor smash and that other verticle downward move he has :frowning:
ive come to realize that incendiary grenade is a much better tool than land mine.

For people that can just…get in, a well place incendiary nade is much better then a landmine most of the time, especially on characters like Zero and Wolverine it’s the best way to catch them if used properly.

I have an old post talking about how unsafe land mines can be, but I cannot seem to track it down at the moment. I listed a handful of characters you should never throw a mine down against but they’re pretty obvious when you consider the typical “coming down” moves that you’ll see in a match.
Edit: Here “Give me a Sit-rep!” - Chris Redfield UMvC3 Thread

No one mentioned Doom footdive yet. Seriously, footdive will sometimes blow both you and the mine up and it’s depressing. Helm breakers, a bunch of armored moves…almost all projectile assists…anything Zero does…and so on.
I’m starting to throw a lot of fire instead, it’s just a safer/better option since it can blow up assists as well. Mines are usually best for Magneto and Wolverine (although if the very tip of berserker slash hits the mine, it will leave him unscathed).

Yep, throw fire first, then either lay a mine or just go into the fire (which I’m starting to prefer).

^Agreed pretty much that is high enough in the air to not get caught pretty much is a blow up including footdives, dive kick, drill claws, and other things. Also after this weekend I would like to add Haggar’s stupid grab-hit unless put down an Incendiary nade it’s just doesn’t care. I will continue to add more things as time progresses haha

Adding Tron to this list with her Drill, and what I believe is her H? It just doesn’t care either so don’t take Tron lightly.