Chris g hyper grav loop vs normal grav loop

was looking around forums and couldn’t find anything about it,

was just wondering what the forum thinks of it, is chris g hyper grav loop better? builts lil bit more meter but is it more damaging? i cant do the normal grav loop yet but ive mastered the chris g one,

also i cant seem to understand it sometimes, theres been 3 times ive done 4 loops of the chris g, but it pops up every other time, so question is what is the max reps you can get with it/?

please your 2 cents is appreciated, and if i missed the topic where there is a discussion of this please link me

chrisG’s hyper grav loop sucks (which is not actually his, but whatever, fuck it) and he only used it because it was a pocket magneto.

Do not waste your time learning it.

Why don’t you learn the “regular” one?

regular one is slightly harder but more damaging and builds more meter because you can repeat it more times.

still… if the easier one will net the kill, I’ll just do it… lol.

which is the chris g loop. 

I haven’t seen ChrisG play Magneto but i assume you mean the box dash j.MH version? Been maining Magnus since day 1 vanilla and still can’t do the proper version =/ My buddies with a pocket Mags can do it but I can’t. Fortunately their Magneto neutral game is ass so it doesn’t make me look too bad YET.

He’s talking about the variation where you hit H as you SJ up back.

it’s a normal jump actually. J.H at the peak xx addf j.H > st.H.

It doesn’t work on all characters and is generally worse. It looks cool though.