Choice between Madcatz TE round 1 or Madcatz TE-S

Tried to find some info in the search portion of the forums but never could get a match.
I have the chance to pick up another Round1 fightstick for 90$. Someone else is selling there TE-S for the same price. Is there any reason I should pick up one more than the other? I know its all the smae internal parts but just curious as to which one is the best option

Which system is each one for?

The Xbox sticks are a lot easier to dual mod than the PS3 ones.

there the same stick the difference is the sides and the te-s has a slighly better pcb from what i hear i personally like the round 1 but if u already have 1 just go with the te-s to switch it up :slight_smile: actually get whichever is in better condition if it’s the same price

or get the round 1 and since ur in texas then buy 1 of these :slight_smile:

amazing. that is very sweet! was looking for something like this. Where did you come across this?
they are both for the 360.

get the te-s, better electronics.

Then get whichever one you want. I would go for the one that looks like it has been through less abuse though.

yeah not too sure which looks better. its off craigslist. The pictures look good for both,. I think Ill go with the TE-S to give this one a go. I have the round 1 for 360 and ps3, the round 2 for ps3, and the mavelVcapcom2 for the 360. So i might as well get the TE-S for a different look

alot of people on here brought some from him there is a whole thread here

and some that are not posted in there are posted in here
on that page kali pimpin was the last to post one he set up and painted looks pimp
you should jump on one seeing you don’t have to pay for shipping