Cho Art.

Hi. Just gonna occasionally post up art here from time to time.

Something I did for an online art forum mini competition. Referenced the movie Iron Man armor and obviously the pose is a big nod to the PROTON CANNON! The gun design is one of my own. I felt that the one in the game was kind of clumsy looking and not high tech looking enough. I thought it’d be neat to have a HUD viewer for Tony’s right hand to hold onto to give a bit of a more dynamic pose than the game’s as well as give a tad bit more stability to the gun.

I may color this.

Awesome drawing, man. For some reason the gun reminds me of an oversized Wiimote though, heh.

Cool man. Iron man looking fierce.

The cannon looks too much like a handgun to me. ALso with something that big, you really need to add more details. Lots of wires, pipes, and other small parts. They’re tedious to draw but can really help make your design more believable. The HUD viewer is a nice touch. I would perhaps move the arm closer to the main cannon body to make it look more stabled.

Thanks for the crit and comments guys. =)

Yea. It was supposed to have a bit of an oversized handgun look to it. I personally feel the higher tech something is, the more sleek and less stuff it will normally have showing on the outside. I get what you mean Dreaded.