Chinese basketball team start fight with US team at 'goodwill' exhibition game

LOL, fishjie you have some splaining to do? (jk)

This isnt the first time China have started a brawl against a foreign team (playing in China).

watch the video at the bottom of the article and read some of the “best” comments, lol.


black n yellow black n yellow

I don’t know WTF the China team was thinking. I don’t know if it was trash talking or they were getting wrecked (which is perfectly normal considering even most Chinese pro players wouldn’t be starting at D2 schools in the U.S.) but instigating a brawl like that in a friendly game is just pure stupidity. You can tell that the many of the Georgetown players were holding back, too.

China vs Brazil OCT/2010


Damn, the Chinese going in.

chinese people takes shit from no one. well played.:clapdos::china:

These pictures are fucking hilarious!

china thinks their hood…let georgetown unless that full on unr and see what happens. china doin their best curb stomp impression

What pisses me off more than unsportsmanlike conduct is the fans throwing garbage at georgetown. Also if georgetown would have fought back the team would have been suspended and had their scholarships revoked

Seriously wish we could have seen some of that unr

What makes this photo so funny to me? The black player in the middle is incidentally making an expression that would pass him as a Chinese caricature.


That dude at the top stompin mans out is definitely not dressed to play in the game, either. Coach or equipment dude or something. So he just jumped on in there on some fuck America type shit and started stompin? They’re supposed to be the ones breaking up fights between athletes who got worked up out on the court competing. Also no shots of the guy who straight up mounted and punched out one of the Georgetown players.

Props to Georgetown for not absolutely murdering these dudes, even though they had every right to. That’s a higher road than I would have taken, for sure. Why does China even invite people over there, if they hate us all so much?

“NOW who’s got funny eyes, huh?!”


They mad 'cause we got bitches. They think that beating up our ballers will get them into the bitch having game. Nah dudes, ya’ll need to stop sacrificing them females; not trying to steal our Ether Baxters or Mayra Veronicas. Not a good look for China; our Swag is impregnable, our Style impetuous.

And they goin’ hard.

Yo, they’re gonna meet again on Sunday?!

It’s goin’ DOWN son!

lol Damn man you throwing out the names of voluptuousness, those ladies shouldn’t even be on their radar. All I know they need is to get started on their Zhang Ziyi cloning experiments to fulfill their female quota, and put the Y-Virus in the embryos to make sure they don’t go for whitey when they mature.

If I lived in a country with lower [attractive] female population I’d be sexually frustrated and pissed off at the world too.

Both teams had played the night before and Georgetown won. funny thing is the players on the chinese team are also members of the Peoples Liberation Army.