Chinatown Fair SSF4 AE Tournament - Chinatown, NY - 02/09/11

“New Yorks First Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Tournament!!!”



February 9th @ Chinatown Fair Arcade

Tournament will be 2/3 matches and Double Elimination.
WF, LF, and GF are 3/5 match sets, with the Loser having to win 2 sets.
Brackets will be ¿RAND0M?
Character Selection: Pick whoever you want. Double Blind Character Select is available.

$10 Entrance Fee (8 goes to pot, 2 for the house)
You pay to play your own matches.
Pot will be split 70/20/10 between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place respectively

Wed, February 9th, 2011
Registration begins at 6PM
Tournament begins at 7PM
Be On TIME!!!

Chinatown Fair Arcade
8 Mott St
New York, NY

Directions by Train:
-Take the D or B train to Grand St.
-Take the N, R, or Q train to Canal St.

Why is there a venue fee for an arcade

im in there.

Henry Cen asked me to add the $2 Venue Fee. This is only for people who are participating in the tournament obviously.

Venue fee and pay to play. Ladies and gentlemen, HENRY CEN.

why not bump venue to 5 and have the machines set to free play?

you gotta make that money back some way some how, and by the looks of those cabs its a long ways away.

Better yet, why not bump the venue to 10 and make it $2 to play?

Seriously, though, it makes sense if the cabs are new. Did CTF end up getting more than just those 2 cabs? If not, this is going to take forever.

3 setups. details added to main post

We already have 3 setups running:

Shoryuken - Chinatown Fair SSF4 AE Setups

The $2 dollar venue fee is not for the arcade. The venue fee is for people running/organizing/streaming the event.

OMFG are you SERIOUS!!!

3 setups!!!


ah3 and ae = acs take my kids away pls!!!

im soooo there!!!

practices st. mpx3

i vote for taking $2 away for team spooky to stream!!! whos with me?

3 setups? ok henry :))

If there isnt at least 100 people there, i am going to be severely disappointed

This has to be the funniest post I have ever read.

I think 2$ should also goto team spooky if they stream it.

In there

NY’s first AE tournament needs that spooky stream

sounds sweet. Gonna try and make it. Hopefully I’ll lose right away, or make it to 3rd so I dont have to keep paying for games. Should be fun either way!

I’ma be running that bwack fei wong

sick. i might come just to donate to the pot and see how fast i can lose

I’M in