Chinatown Fair SSF4 AE Tournament #1 [02.09.11] Results

Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition - 40 Man Bracket

1st - TS Sabin (Dhalsim, Rose)
2nd - EMP Twisted Jago (M. Bison)
3rd - EMP Issei Suzuki (Makoto)
4th - EMP Santhrax (Sagat, C. Viper)
5th - DMG Rico Suave (Abel, M. Bison)
5th - EMP IFCYipes (Abel, M. Bison)
7th - EMP JeRon (M. Bison)
7th - EMP Kreymore (Guy)
9th - Chris G (Sakura, Yun)
9th - EMP Evil Rahsaan (Fei Long)
9th - Spore (El Fuerte, Makoto)
9th - TS Min (M. Bison, E. Honda)
13th - Aquasilk (Zangief)
13th - Peter (Gouken)
13th - CitiofBrass (Sakura, Adon)
13th - Javits (Balrog)

I thought oni and evil was allowed?? And I see that EC haven’t jumped on the yang/yun bandwagon.

I think its more about people not being comfortable with the new characters in tournaments yet.

GGs to all I played. CitiOfBrass eliminated me. =( That’s the first time I ever played your Sakura.

Anyway, time to grind it out again and tweak a few things in my style for Rog. Lame isn’t gonna cut it for the full match.

Good shit to Art for winning it without playing for 3 weeks, though. Bad shit for me going in without playing in 3 weeks. Stay sad me. =(

I missed coming to this cuz of work. FML.

Shoutouts to me being free. So many Bisons/Rogs in NY :(. GGs to Andre and Min.

I have some matches on my youtube channel. Wish I recorded Aquasilk vs Issei lol.

Wheres evil ryu!!???


chris played yang not yun

Stay free son! LOLZ and good shit to art for winning with nerfed characters!

YouTube - DafeetEX’s Channel

A few matches I recorded

needs more guile + fei

Art I see you like AE.

Worst SF ever next to 3s.

Lol lol.

Wow really the worst?

Good stuff art.

Did anyone record grandfinals? I wish I could have made it but I had some crack to attend to

Hence why i don’t(much like you Arturo)practice SSF4 AE because the game SUCKS…

i recorded grand finals. i’ll upload it soon.

blasphemy 3s was marvelous, after playing mvc3 for a while really don’t care much for the other games out