Chinatown Fair Ranbats 1.1 Results

1st-Erik Smoothviper (mag/cable/sent, sent,storm,cap)- 10 pts
2nd- Javier Khameleon(mag/storm/sent-a, storm,sent,cap) - 7pts
3rd- Mike Infinite(mag/cable/sent, sent/storm/cap)- 5 pts
4th- Andre Demise(mag/storm/sent) - 3 pts
5th- lil justin aka that dude(cable/sent/cap) - 1pt
5th- George the true ironguy (mag/ironman/sent-a, mag/ironman/psylocke)- 1pt

1st Arturo Sanchexmixx(alex)- 10pts
2nd Flare (ryu)7pts
3rd KOfiend(yun/yang) 5 pts
4th Sahyid (ibuki?)3 pts
5th duke(dudley) 1pt
5th Mike (ken/yang) 1pt

i dont have arcana hearts results yet they will be posted soon.

ill post more soon zzzzz

:tup: Good shit Flare. Tell Arturo he sucks for me. :tup:

3rd Arcana Heart Tourney @ Chinatown Fair Results!!

13 entries!!

  1. Arturo Sanchez (Kamui)
  2. Andre “HeliJago” (Mei-Fang)
  3. Derrick R. (Kira, Liselotte)
  4. David (Kira, Konoha)

Decent turnout despite the price still not being lowered and the entry fee being 5. I personally did not expect it to be this big. People from PA, NJ, and all the way as far as MD travelled up to NY to play and enter in the tourney, which personally made it mad hype for me and everyone else. I’d like to thank yall personally for showing up and entering and keeping things hype. Next time we’ll start earlier to get things going more quickly, and there won’t be another tourney for 2 weeks so theres definetely time to practice up. Hopefully Henry lowers the price soon, cause at this point I can’t even advocate anyone to play the game hardcore like me anymore. :frowning:

Winners Finals (me vs Andre) was 3-0 me
Losers Finals (Derrick vs Andre) was 3-0 Andre, (edit, thanks XAQ)
Grand Finals (me vs Andre) was 3-0 me

Again, thanks for taking the time to come out and enter and support AH, I take it as youre doing a personal favor helping me out here (talking about you all.) So good shit. :tup:

Damn, wish i could have made it…i heard there were alot of upsets. Congrats to top 5, lil Justin holding it down ahhaahaha.:rofl:

Winners Finals (me vs Andre) was 3-0 me
Losers Finals (Derrick vs Andre) was 3-0 Derrick
Grand Finals (me vs Andre) was 3-0 me

how is andre second if derrick won in losers finals?
or probably was just a typo

koo tourney…
Good matches of the tourney was:
Josh 360 vs. Lincoln aka DragonGod…

lolz i got fucked up good shit andre and josh ill be back! javiar holdin it down as usual. shout outs 2 all!

could have done better…oh well :wonder:

good shit erik whats the word for the 31st


Yeah…ALOT of upsets…I have to hit the danger room hard body son…Let’s never speak of this ranbat again…:sad:


btw Infinite, is it possible to post up the brackets like how the WC ranbats do it for example

it is maybe ill do it once or twice. if im feeling lazy and dont wanna post full results

Sorry i left my mom got into a car accident and i had to bounce…but it was fun while i was there

Arturo, i owe you one amigo…word is bond. Arcana is crack

good shit lincoln i got lucky and as for you javi good shit but im commin for your ass next tourney =D

Damn Duke I didn’t know you got 5th comming up in the world huh?

:razzy: lol…
We’ll see, we’ll see… Lincoln wants his rematch… lol

Good shit khameleon :clap:
wish i could play marvel like that :sad: