Chinatown fair A3 results (Nov. 21)

Here are the results:

1st Ricky Ortiz (V-Sak, A-Sim)
2nd Robin “Nibor” Tucker-Drob (V-Cody)
3rd Henry Cen (A-Sim, V-Sim, A-Blanka)
4th Arturo Sanchez (A-Sim, V-Sak)
5th Sanford Kelly (V-Sak, A-Chun, A-Ryu)

There were like 10 people all together. Here are the tournament highlites:

-Sanford Kelly upsets Henry Cen in the first round of winners brackets by using a-chun against Henry’s a-sim. Henry kept trying to use jab for air defense against jump fierce, he lost.
-Rematch of Sanford vs. Henry in losers bracket semis, Henry wins pretty well. No A-Chun from Sanford this match.
-Nibor wins coin toss and gets a bye, playing the winner of arturo/ricky
-Arturo loses to Ricky in winners semi-finals and then faces Henry in losers bracket. Arturo uses V-sak for some reason and loses to henry’s A-sim. Arturo gets pissed and no one sees him for the rest of the night :lol:
-Nibor loses to Ricky 3-1 in winners bracket finals and plays Henry for 3rd place. Henry for some reason thinks he can win with A-Blanka and gets perfected by crouch cancel and infinite, ehem i mean V-cody. :lol: :lol: :lol: Henry then switches to V-sim and wins once, but then proceeds to lose twice in a row to crouch cancel, i mean V-cody.
-Finals were mad late and we made them best of 3. Nibor lost 2-0 in finals. I will never pick cody again vs. sakura. From now on its sak vs sak

Damn, Sak vs Sak is HELLA boring…nothing but s.RH and Fierce fireballs…


Heh. a number of matches can be considered hella boring.

…though this is coming from someone known for “Fierce Kick…SUPER!” :lol:

dont worry chris a-chun owns all and btw b-chun is way out of line I tryed to defend you but arturo and b-chun were shitting on you.

ps:remember awile back you said the people told you that I was shitting on you by saying I owned you with ryu for the record I never said it and to be onest no won really likes you at ctf and I dont know why:confused: .

Eh? That’s quite alright. Whether it was said in jest or malice, I am don’t feel offended. It’s all good. :slight_smile:

As for that past debacle, think nothing of it. If folks in CF don’t like me…well, that’s ok too. Whomever they might be, no need to call out names…I am not in their company anymore, so just as well that we all move on and let any hostilities be put to rest.

(Oh, and A-chun is quite an exceptional character, but she definitely does NOT own all. Not even close).

hey congrats on the tourney guys…

good work nibor.

Arturo don’t get pissed you’re still the East Coast (ECC7) champ

there werent 10 ppl, like you guys say there were.

there were 30. i dont know what game your playing, NIBBLER.

justin can never have a tournament at cf cause sam said NEVER AGAIN. cuz only psi and henry can do tournaments at cf.

thx to Peter Kang for showing up, wilson didnt show, cuz he was busy talking to Ed Boon at mk5 press conference.

but if anyone cares, barcode has A3 $1 a game, japanese buttons and sticks

fuck that shit…

nibor, henry and ricky are too good son they’re KILLERS!! :rolleyes:

Wow. Excellent job Robin - too good too good. :wink:

I am just sad that I couldn’t go - damn school. Oh well, next time…(yeah right, there will never be a next time…heh)…

sim loses to cody crouch cancels? wtf?!?!?! thats some crazy shit considering sim gets out of all that crap for free :frowning:

Not infinites against sim (although i went for it and he teleported out of), more like just jump fierce counter hits after jab tornado or just air counter hits, crouch cancel jump back up fierce, land -> fierce -> roundhouse ruffian. that combo is pretty much uber dizzy. So it can mean more than 50% off in one combo after the dizzyness. For some reason i got a few of those off against Henry’s sim…

I guess even thuogh sim should beat cody, cody is annoying and can be hard to adjust to. In my opinion cody does well against sim compared to other mid tier characters.

Yo when is the next big CTF A3 tourny? I looked else were but could not find anything…

I wonder if henry can host an Alpha 3 tourney if I ever decide to go down there sometime.

How much longer will Ricky be in New York ?

nibor: yeah agreed. cody gives anyone problems if they dont have experience against him, even the best players struggle. its just such a different fight. either way, gotta love the corner 50% cc dizzy combos. i think you and I are the only serious cody players around bro lol

hehe sup cen,bhan,sanford,everyone in NYC =]
did eddie enter? :stuck_out_tongue:
hows NYC?
gogo v sak! =]