Child Stars that Grew up to be Hot a.k.a. The Come in and be a Dirty Old Man Thread

Title says it all.

I’ll just start with two. Both Bill Cosby spinoffs.

The first is Keisha Knight Pulliam a.k.a. Rudy Huxtable.


I grew up with the Cosby show, so I saw her grow up on TV. At no time did I ever think she was cute. She just looked like some normal neighborhood chick. Recently I was watching Cosby show reruns on Youtube and saw a reunion special. I saw her sitting in the back and was like dayum! I know she’s on one of those TBS Tyler Perry shows. Which is ALMOST enough to make me want to watch, but… seriously Fuck Tyler Perry.


She’s still second place to Journee Smolett.


I remember seeing her in Cosby, and some other random shit over the years. A few years ago I was at a convention, and she was a speaker… good god my mouth dropped to the floor. My eyes damn near started watering. She turned out to be one of the finest women I’ve ever seen in person. It’d be hard for a picture to do her justice, but here’s one anyway.


Fuck you in advance to anyone that tries to judge me.

Dakota Fanning and Emma Watson


And now we all weep at the GOAT that was Lindsay Lohan and how she threw it away…:sad:

I never saw the appeal of Emma Watson. shrugs

Fuck that, weep for the fate of Brenda Song!!!

Goddamn Emma Watson.





Sweet Jesus

Soliel Moon Frye…then she got that boob cut…and I weeped.

Why, what happened to her?

same here. pretty sure none of these cats would ever give her a second look if she wasn’t a celeb :coffee:

for me it’s Alyssa Milano from who’s the boss, Christine Lakin from step by step, Sarah Chalke from Rosane, Tatyana Ali from Fresh Prince, Lacey Chabert from party of 5 even though her voice drove me nuts and Hayden Panettiere from remember the titans

I don’t know, I always thought Keisha Knight Pullam was hot. Since her and I are around the same age, I remember having a crush on her when I was 5. Odd she actually lives in Atlanta too or lived there. It would have been something if I ever ran across her, I would go celeb crazy and I’m not that type of guy.

From the same shoe, Raven Samone did not turn out that great. Who would have known she would get fat? As a girl, I just knew she would be a hot woman. I guess not.

Don’t know, but the nose is strong with her. Would def hit.


Not up to SRK standards below, but then again what is.


Yo I thought that was Dacid Bro for a second

I thought Brenda Song was Asian…

He’s probably talking about the false rumors of her being impregnated by Trace Cyrus.

I was about to post the same thing.

She is, and that’s not her.

Goes to Google

GOD DAYUM! Them shits was huge.

Also good call on Alyssa Milano. Had a huge crush on her when I was a kid. Bitch got me to watch years of Charmed. Also it was pretty obvious that Tatyana Ali was gonna turn out to be hot, but still.

Oh and Emma Watson has a bit of a reverse Beiber thing going on. You’d have to be within 5 feet of them to tell which one was which. That’d be the most androgynous couple ever.


I’d like you to have a seat.

… over there somewhere else. Grown folks is talkin’

Really? The exact same picture as the post before?