Chicks love combo's: The Iron Man Combo Thread

He didnt have one so i decided to make one.

Nice, easy, and damaging BnB i do is:
cr L, cr m, st h, s, sjc, j.m, j.m, j.h, j.2+h, j.s, land dash Dp L, cancel into proton cannon

half life combo, easy to do, very sexy

cr l, cr m, st h, 214 l cancel into 214h cancel into Iron Avenger

easy way into his level three. after you cancel into 214 h pause a little bit before doing the level three so the iron avenger doesnt whiff

BnB that I use is:

cr l, cr m, st h, s, sjc, j.m, j.m, j.h, flight cancel, j.m, j.m, j.h, j.2+h, j.s

then if in corner follow that up with the smart bombs to proton cannon

Are you going to be consolidating these combos within the original post?

Gotta go to class but I did figure out that if you mess up your magic series by ending with c.C and it hits you can combo into a light repulsar blast and then to s.C and/or launcher. This should get the combo ball rolling considering it seems that old Mr.Stark didn’t use a suit with a lot of apparent comboability.

I have problems doing smart bomb OTG into photo cannon, does it only work in the corner? seems no matter how fast i get the cannon out it is to late.

out of the corner, you have to dash, light smart bomb into Proton cannon

word I will give that a shot, I am not very good so might take me a while lol

word I will give that a shot, I am not very good so might take me a while lol

The timing is difficult but you can do a light repulsar blast to another one.

As stated, you have to dash smart bomb xx Cannon from midscreen, in the corner any smart bomb, no dash will let you combo

You can do, c.M s.H xx Light Disco Ball c.M s.H xx Light Disco Ball xx Cannon aswell, you can also get an S to combo after the second ball if your spacing/timing is correct.

So… I think it’s possible to get two repulsor blasts in one combo before a launch. I just haven’t quite found the right combo for it yet.

cr. :l:, cr. :m:, :h:, :qcb: :l:/:m:, cr. :m:, :c:, :qcb: :l:/:m:

that’s as far as I’m getting, they tech after the second repulsor, but I think you can pull this off, I haven’t tried all of Iron Man’s normals afterwards yet, the launcher comes out too slow. I think standing :h: comes out too slow as well. about to try some more

Edit: Ok, forget doing this. Repulsor prorates the combo to shit.

cr. :l:, cr. :m:, :h:, :l: Repulsor Blast, cr. :m:, :h:, :s:, j.:m:, j.:m:, j.:h:, j. :d: :h:, j. :s:, Smart Bombs, Proton Canon

Did 575k.

Simply doing:

cr. :l:, cr. :m:, :h:, :s:, j.:m:, j.:m:, j.:h:, j. :d: :h:, j. :s:, Smart Bombs, Proton Canon

Did 600k.

One other random thing I know about Iron Man… You can combo into his level 3 off of Unibeam almost up to full screen. Literally if you get like half a character width closer than full screen away, it’ll combo if you’re quick enough. Makes for a good punish.

Which one should I learn?

or [media=youtube]9Ufg4JzSKjE[/media]

both look bad ass!

The one in the video does more damage, but it’s more difficult. I’m going to try and learn it eventually, but for now the basic one is easy and reliable.

i just tryed the first one, but had to leave one hit out of the combo for 597,700 (the second j.M)

i did this: cr.L, cr.M, H, S, j.M, j.H, j. down H, j.S, dash, Smart Bomb xx proton cannon

^ and if u end with smart bomb Iron Avenger it is 800,100!

Hey dudes, I found out this ironman combo the other day but assumed it would already be posted in here by someone else.

in the corner iron mang can do cr. M, H, flight cancel L, M, M, H, d.H, S, land H, S, j. M, J.M, J.H, J.d.H, j2.M, J2.H, S land otg H smart bombs into proton cannon or iron avenger.

With a jump in it does about 700k iirc, otherwise if you just dash up and start it like 680something.

I think the advantage of putting a light disco ball into your combo is that you don’t run the risk of whiffing your launcher and if anything goes wrong you can cancel into repulsor spread. I’m still tossing up as to whether the added safety is worth the lower damage.

That combo is actually not that difficult.

:d: + :m:, :h:, :s:, :m:, :h:, :d: + :h: xx :qcb: + :s:, :m:, :h:, :d: + :h: xx :qcb: + :s:, :h:, :u:, :h:, :s: land dash :dp: + :h: xx :qcb: + :atk::atk:

If you want to make it a little easier, switch “:m:, :h:, :d: + ::h: xx :qcb: + :s:” for “:m:, :m:, :h: xx :qcb: + :s:.” You’ll do roughly 10k less damage, but it’s a little easier to time after launching your opponent.

hey vicious, i did what u said about switching to j.MMH fly but on the second fly i fall down fast and they are stilll up high in the air and can’t get the j.H, j.up H, j.S

what do i do? do i have to move while i’m flying or something or just do it faster?

@RollTide8569 I think you’re starting the combo a little too late then. Don’t start attacking your opponent the instant they launch, as they’ll end up positioning below you. Give them a second. But, don’t wait too long or they’ll end up positioning above you. This way, when you unfly you’ll be level with them. Immediately :h:, :u:, :h:, :s: after unflying before falling too far.

This is probably the only difficult part of the combo, as you can’t mash it out or you’ll end up getting :u: + :h:.

Edit: A good way to practice the timing for this combo, is to get the timing down for his basic aerial combo “:m:, :m:, :h:, :u:, :h:, :s:.”

As others have mentioned I’m having issues doing the mid screen smart bomb otg xx proton cannon.

It seems that if my combo in the air is shorter and I skip doing the extra hits by double jumping I can get it.

Is there a way to reliably land otg smart bombs off a full air combo that incorporates a double jump? It seems that they get pushed way to far away. I dash forward and cancel into smart bombs but they just miss or hit the training dummy once he’s already up.

any tips would be helpful because as of right now I’ve just been taking the double jump part of the air combo out of any series I think isn’t close enough to the corner but I would really like to have all that extra damage.