Chicagos $1.3 Million Experiment in Democracy

I thought this was a pretty great idea. But I’m wondering if this would make any strides towards people being less apathetic. Would you get involved if there was something like this in your city?

they’ll all spend it on stupid shit because most people have no idea what kind of things are actually necessary to make a city run, but it’s actually a nice gesture?

That $1.3 million is probably mere table scraps that is thrown to the public compared to the big ass budget Chicago really has. This act of public governance will appease the citizens enough to get them off their backs, in my opinion.

They’ll squander it. Not that politicians don’t do that already, its just that ordinary people are less aware of what’s needed. At least politicians spend a little on the necessities so people don’t complain too much to get them kicked out of office.

People of Chicago’s far north side, enjoy your new, state-of-the-art, fifty-seven foot waffle irons.

What will 1.3 million dollars do for a city as large as Chicago???

I just fixed some roads… all 1.3 million dollars gone just like that…

yeah, that’s what I meant by it being a nice gesture, so agreed basically.


they’re allocating discretionary funds for their little 8 block ward, it’s not like they’re being asked to centrally plan the city. $1.3 million isn’t a lot of money, but it’s enough to get maybe 2-3 worthwhile projects going that would benefit everybody.