Chicago Suburb Arcades?

Hello all. The arcade selection in the Chicago Suburbs seems rather slim. I am aware of GameWorks at the Streets of Woodfield, but have not seen much else. This weekend my wife will be away, leaving me alone with my two young kids for an entire weekend for the first time, :sweat: and I think they would enjoy some time playing some of the games that daddy plays, such as SF or VF. I’d love to play, too, obviously. Any suggestions? Thanks!

since your question is specifically about chicago(land) and there is already a chicago thread, this post technically /should’ve/ been posted there, but whatever.

if you want a place for your kids to play games, i would recommend any random chuck 'e cheese in the area.

for a real arcade, there is Nickel City Arcade, Northbrook IL it has 2 MvC2 cabs, 1 3S cab, 1 CvS cab, 1 T6 cab, a bunch of other fighting games, racing games, ddr, some redemption games, etc[…]: Brookside Plaza, 555 Waukegan Rd., Northbrook, IL 60062, 847-559-8727

regular street fighter tourneys 4 are being held there, the next on on apr 25.

please refer to the first post of the chicago thread for more info on nickel city and other stuff going on in/around chicago. and post in there if you have any other questions.

I apologize for not posting in that thread…it looked a bit serious for what I had in mind. Thanks for the assistance.

There’s also Galaxy World North and Galaxy World West, affectionate known as Gala West and Gala North, and I think Ford City has a Tilt, and there is Haunted Trails as well, but Nickel City is your best bet…