Chicago "one more for 2004" tournament results


1st:George “Juicy G” Fed-msp
1st:Marc "Madbooface"Ansay-Scrubclops
3rd:Ari "Floe"weintraub-msp/santhrax

marc and george splits the victory,after both players ended up hating 1p side. But still play out the final, George plays on shitty side last 3 games and win 2 to take final 4-2.


1st:Juicy G-yun
3rd: John"Darmonde" Lin-ibuki

George wins winner final 3-0,Ari beats John 3-0 in losers then loses to George in final 4-0,1-4.

ggxx reload:

1st:Juicy G-sol
3rd:Kevin “Fkc”-Sol/dizzy

Kevin upsets jim in losers to take 3rd. George beats ari in winner final 3-2, ari beats kevin in losers 3-0 then loses final to george 0-4.

Happy holidays. :encore:

wow kevin got 3rd? good job dude

cable was halo’ing all of you up!

sorry, couldn’t mak it cause of a b-day. =(

thanks mike, it was really fun, especially when you don’t get knocked out like 2nd round

kevin got lucky

i won’t go easy on you next time bitch

right, but win or lose me and george can still tag-team your mom

good job kevin. you are by far the best ss gg#r player, (sides horge)and to take out eric then me is no minor task. Keep up the good work man…next time I play you I’m coming hard.

it may be awhile b4 I go back up to nickels though…I didn’t have that great of a time, and only getting 2 practice matches in b4 the tourney was no good. amar needs to get a cabinet or let us set up when we come. If bozac gets something going at uic though, I’d be down for that. lata

Yeah Props to Kevin, And yes we will “celebrate” with prucha’s mom

I am all your mom’s and I like teh WoW!!!11
Jorge is scampi, maybe Jorge = George liken BBJ = BBQ!?


well he asked me to help look for reload so he can replace xx with it, and i found and told amar about it, but i’m not sure they will ship out of europe

doesn’t matter, I still don’t think he would get it.