Chicago Il Bi weekly results:7/19/03


1st:tractor floe-Vega
2nd:“Mr popo” rashad-Chun Li
3rd:I AM NOT 50 cent George-Og sagat


1st:Sol whore George-Sol
2nd:Eddie whore Harry"Kageh"-Eddie
3rd:yet another sol whore Ari:Sol/faust


1st:Chun whore Floe:Chun li(and because he reallu wanted me to add this…Ken)
2nd:no patience Fed:Ken
3rd:Eric wants a floe avatar marc:Ken/urien

1st:Cable whore Geore:Team rowtron
2nd:sent whore Marc:Team Carmella (storm/sent/capcom)

Nice tournament.Special Thanks to Tim for helping me run the brackets.NO thanks go to marc and eric for not helping me Collect the entrance fee(well marc gets a little thanks).Floe wins St with stupid Vega tactics.And Rashad upsets George in 3rd place game.
3s strike was fun to watch until floe breaks out chun and proceeds to bore George AND the crowd to sleep,He wins coming from loser bracket 3-0 then 3-2.GGxxx saw the return of harry "kageh"hess and tho he was rusty managed to defeat eric 2-0 and floe 3-2 Before Losing to George 3-2 in final.In mvc2 the sticks were inconsistent in which got really bad in the winners final,with marc up 2-1 the sticks were repaired.then george comes back and wins 3-2 with team rowtron.Marc then does a “Kobe” and rapes Derek in loser final before getting swept 4-0 to George.Good times

I wish I were there :mad: :(…

…and good job/congratulation to all top finishers.

  • Mike

Too bad me and the rest of the UIC guys werent at the tourny, but we played XX all night at Dennis’ house and recorded a good ammount of match vids that Dennis is gonna host on IRC in #gamecombos pretty soon. Glad to see Harry hasn’t quit playing, too bad I missed it. I should be at Nickel City next saturday before I leave for Canada though.

WAAA! The return of Harry Hess in GGXX. :frowning: I wish I was there because I am desperate for some Eddie practice right now, lol.

Yo Harry, if you’re reading this, I (and probably Bozac and a few of my friends) wish to play you some time before Evolution comes, if it’s possible. :sweat:

I got 5th in 3S!!!

The world is ending!

Carmella is bad luck.

Congrats on the Sol whoring(i thought you were gonna win with Axl) George. Good to see the battle for chicago’s finest title rages on. Clippers are coming up

God your avatar is UGGGLLLYYY Marc.I mean who would put up WHORES like that skank britney as there avatar.Your last avatar was your best avatar ever.

I forgot the arcade buttons.and the only time i remember the buttons is when i loop :o .My axl is getting there though,I can Frc that charge move a good percentage right now.


1st:Sol whore George-Sol

You Sol scrub!!!
have you no honor??

Harry and Eric went 2-1 FYI I in ggxx.

Hush nikka…you don’t speak on our tourneys until you start coming back to nickels

that was eric.

Good shit! to 50 cent on 3rd and 1st

J-J-J-J-J-J-J-J Juicy G-Unit…

Didn’t I tell you not to speak nigga?!:stuck_out_tongue:

omg…you’re so dead if i go to evo…

Jacquipox is spreading…