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Welcome, and please post your name, games you play, and your location. My advice is not to spam, but post often enough so that we remember you exist. Not being annoying and general familiarity to Chicago goes a long way.

Posting and YOU!!

Chicago Ventrilo INFO

What is it?
Private 10 man server, capable of enabling voice chat between 360, PS3, and PC Chicago Street Fighter players. Usable for matchmaking, game discussion, or just killing time :stuck_out_tongue:

Needed for Use:
PC, Mic/headset, installed ventrilo application

Download Client:
-other questions and/or comments, post in the thread and/or PM Cracka J. info source.

Upcoming Tourneys:

[01-02-2010] Frosty Faustings II. GG, SF4, BB, MB, MvC2, and more! - Chicago, IL MAJOR

[01-23-2009] AREAXIII Ranbat 1.1


[Potential] Semi-Regular Happenings

Thursdays (and other days) @ Gameworks (location info below) :: $10 all-you-can-play on Thurs. Must be over 21 after 9pm.

Street Fighter 4 Bar Fights Chicago! @ The Ashland: 2824 N. Ashland Blvd :: informal tourneys, drink specials, must be 21 or over. see discussion located within thread. <- been a few weeks since the last one

<insert event> @ aka kfree aka rob’s shop @ 350 South Main Place, Carol Stream, IL 60188 :: downstairs space for tourneys, instore pickup of stick parts available. see this post,this thread, this site. <- nothing come of this yet

Other Places to Play:

Gameworks Chicago/Schaumburg: The Streets of Woodfield, 601 N. Martingale Road, Ste. 115, Schaumburg, IL 60173, 847-330-9675. 1 pair SF4 heat-to-head (side-to-side) cab, 1 pair KoFXII h2h cab, TvC and Tekken6:BR, various other fg cabs.

directions to GameWorks


Take the Blue Line going towards O’Hare and get off at Rosemont.
Then take the Pace #606 and get off on the last stop which happens to be the stop AFTER the Woodfield Mall stop.
Walk around the AMC theater and there lies GameWorks.

I’ve that you can no longer use the day passes on a Pace Bus, unless you have the special, CTA + Pace 7 day of course.

Nickel City Arcade, Northbrook IL: 2 MvC2 cabs, 1 3S cab, 1 CvS cab, […]: Brookside Plaza, 555 Waukegan Rd., Northbrook, IL 60062, 847-559-8727

Screenz: 2717 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60614-1502, (773) 296-0300. Internet Cafe that hosts console gatherings. “Buy a drink.”

Black Hole Arcade Pizzeria?: 3057 W. 26th St., Chicago, IL 60623. Apparently this is a KOF hotspot and pizzeria.

Random Gatherings: Anyone is welcome to host gatherings. Recent gatherings have been held at Tatics’s, exarchezekiel’s, Dark Kakashi’s, Bombchivo’s. Keep your eye on the thread for random gatherings. They are informally arranged and info on them will generally not be found in the first post.

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All previous SRK Chicago threads fell victim to the 2003 crash.

Other Useful Forums/Threads/Links:
A beginners and intermediate guide to marvel
Guilty Gear / BlazBlue:
Suggoi! Arcana Heart 2:
Melty Blood:
Smash Bros.:
Soul Calibur:,

Chicago BB Player/Char/System list: (if this needs to be updated please PM S-RX)

Xombie : Arakune, Rachel
ExarchEzekial : Ragna
Luigi-Bo : Litchi, Bang
Slevin786 : Litchi
Orka : Nu
Syxx : Rachel
ElvenShadow : Arakune
DevilDigimon : Hakumen
J-Money : Rachel, Taokaka
AushojSivart : Arakune, Nu
X the Legend : Jin
konkrete : Jin, Rachel, Tager
neemo : Nu
meta : Carl
NappyJin : Taokaka, Arakune, Jin

S-RX : Taokaka
fLoE : Ragna
Cracka-J : Nu
Phreakazoid : Tager
Tactiks : Jin
JustOwnin : Nu
MaDWaK : Noel
Nives : Taokaka
Keits : Arakune, Jin
MrMan99 : Arakune
Humbag : Taokaka
Ukyo Tachibana : Jin
GLB : Tager
Kobayashi : Hakumen
Random123456789 : Jin
SymbiotE187 : Litchi

Check this thread for up-to-date local Matchmaking & Gathering Info:
The Chicago Matchmaking & Gathering Info Thread [READ FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING]

Everyone’s input is welcomed, because it adds culture and personality to our thread and this is encouraged. Though keep in mind that this is a Matchmaking thread for fighting games, and not an IM. So it would be greatly appreciated if people made an active effort to try and make informative posts, and take 1-on-1 conversation and spam to our irc chat at #srkchicago on the EFNet server. We all do enjoy active posting, but because this is a matchmaking thread, often times people looking for players, or looking to schedule matches get overwhelmed by the onslaught of regular posters, and we would like to make this environment more welcoming for them. Thank you for your help in making our scene nothing less than excellent.

Directions to getting on irc:

Once you download mIRC and install it, connect to the EFnet network. After connected enter:

/join #srkchicago

There’s a lot more to mIRC than this, but this is all you should need.

Other instant messaging programs also have IRC capabilities like Trillian, xChat, etc. mIRC is the one I use.

*if you feel anything should/needs to be added/removed from the post ask

Credit for 1st post format goes to CappsIndigo


2nd. Damn you FPS.

awwww wanted to go for the world record in spam.

update first post with info on Dead’s place.

Hm… new thread at 7000 posts? Kind of a strange benchmark.

On another note, I’m finally free until jan 11th. God that last month sucked. Time to get out and actually play some damn games for once.


Just got back from a 14 hour day of work.

I get off of work tomorrow at 4 and finally have a fucken weekend off.

So please someone tell me that something is going on tomorrow/this weekend cus I work too fucken hard to come home tomorrow and not do shit/actually enjoy my weekend.

Sorry guys dont mean to bitch but I’ve had the last couple of weeks of work from hell and I just really want to relax/chill with some friends and sqeeze some gaming in.

Jerry let me know if your free tomorrow.

Kelvin see if you could round up the crew from last time and let me know what your weekend is looking like.

Thank god for this new thread cus I didn’t even know what the fuck was going on in the last one.


GG’s tonight at GW. Im out 'til Tuesday. AREAXIII is now open Tuesday from 6pm 'til 1am so come in and level up. Also don’t forget to regiester for AREAXIII RanBaT 1.1 on Jan. 23rd. This is a pre-regiester event so don’t forget. For more information click the link

GG’s at GameWorks tonight.

WHy is ther ar new hciacgo th erda.

This shit is liek Imy ASS.

HJeey HY yeart leats get suome eberr.


Ditto! :cool:

well with the new title, it just wouldnt be right if I didnt spam it with my new video


this is the last time i post my vids here so dont get too overworked, this video is after all street fighter related LOL, leave feedback I’m interested to know what you guys think

i dont know if a new thread was necessary, unless there was an ari request or some rule that im not aware of.

remember, if you want anything added to the first post, ask… usually involves words like ‘can you’ and ‘please.’

general question, anyone know anything about streaming (what site to use, any programs, cords, equipment i may need). i know bozac is planning a stream for ff already, i might possibly want to set up another one for other stuff.

“AushojSivart” no longer owns BlazBlue, I’m pretty sure.

ah, it was brought up a few times. the previous thread was getting huge. if we want to keep the previous thread, i can request this one get closed and just go back to the other one.

Not off hand, but if you want I can contact the guy that runs HeartofBattle. Which undoubtedly gets way higher marks from people than the shit streams FADC does.

I think his set up is fairly simple, but I’ll get the full breakdown from him.



18 posts in and Humbag already wins the new thread. :rofl:

Why was I not informed of the creation of this thread in the previous thread? Dammit!

Reposting GG’s at G-Dubs last night!