Chicago 7/10/04 bi weekly results

I only ran mvc2 because everyone else think i was going to wait on them…

1st:George"old school"Fed-Doom/Storm/sent,doom/storm/cyke
2nd:Ari"now this is really old school"weintraub-msp/santhrax
3rd:marc"danielle gamba>chisato morishita"ansay-old school team/santhax
4th:Tony"king of all things"kao-santhax
5th:Sergio"tony is my pimp"valadez-msp/santhrax
5th:mexican toni-Cable/storm/capcom

12 mvc2 players showed,George finds good stuff with doom and uses it on the other chicago players.George beats marc in old school match up 3-2.Ari upsets marc in loser final 3-2 then loses to george in final 4-0.HOLLA

My girls>>>George’s

2 mvc2’s is nice. finding out that doom’s pink shit = jabs on 1p side of 2nd machine, not good.

man that guy ari is og KoC, that’s why you’re on my team!

oh yea, thanks to Justin Wong, amar hacked sonic and tails redemption game so that it never wins 500 tickets lolol that guy is too strong.

everyone click on my attachment!!!

marc you are sick…

My girls>>>George’s

i swear, thats one of the fuckin funniest things i’ve ever seen.:lol:

MadBooFace (1:03:43 AM): did you guys see my attachment
(1:03:50 AM) Juicemane G has left the room.

can’t touch me when it comes to bootleg PS skillz

mike hold that shit down for me in cali.

oh don’t worry…marc got me on this one…but there’s always next weeks tourney results:o :wink:

screw cyclops, if im gonna lose anyways, ill have fun losing with MY damn character.

gogo sakura.:rolleyes:

damn floe watching too much cowboy BOPEEP

stop giving out my secrets keith! wtf… next ure gonna tell them about how i eat deer before every tourny =(