Check out my custom made Arcade cabinet (Vewlix clone)

Hi everyone! Just finished my custom built arcade cabinet. I always wanted a vewlix arcade cabinet but it is pretty hard to get one if you are located in Sweden… It took about 2 weeks to build and one day to assemble it. Anyway It is built in 19 mm mdf, it is cut out using a cnc router and the side panels are two 19 mm mdf glued together.

Putting the parts together before paint

The top part are 4 layers of 19 mm mdf screwed together

This “vesa mount” is custom made by a friend. We mounted it to the side panels using thick torx screws.

I sent the parts for some chamfering, beveling and the paint job. It took the guys a day to do it.

We put an usb hub in the hole.

Hooked up my computer and tested out the speakers (4" car speakers soldered to the back of my other speakers)

I ordered the sign from a local print service. 4 mm Plexi

My brother came up with the idea to put my 2 TE sticks together using scrap pieces of mdf. painting it with 2 coats of primer and then one coating of satin black.

I Also ordered SSFIVAE move list stickers from the print service. Here´s the final pictures of cabinet

Some friends trying it out.

When the computer boots Hyperspin launches. It took a while to get hyperspin to work with all my emulators but it was worth it.
Thanks for watching!

Nice arcade cabinet.
Your project has the rare honor of being the first cab that uses existing TE arcade sticks and made it look good in my opinion.
So you get extra cool points there.

I usually don’t like how people include existing stand alone stick into a cab, you proved that can be done with some class.

I like that filler between the TE’s. Aren’t you a little too close to the screen though?

Maybe for all those safety warning each TV supposed to be shipped with.
But as far as a arcade cabinet goes it is quite normal

Thanks man! the problem with just single sticks is that they do not stand still if not glued to the table… so me and my brother figured we could use som scraps of mdf not only for the looks but for the weight and also a piece of metal to hold them together using the holes underneath the sticks. it weighs a ton haha

No actually it is not too big. atleast it doesnt hurt your eyes and I have been playing at least 2 hours minimum per day for 2 weeks now :slight_smile:

sicccccck pmed

very nice cab man. If you cut all the mdf on cnc do you happen to have the dimensions, etc saved?

Same question as @DEZALB. Can you share the plans?

Please share plans if possible… Really nice work man! Looking to do something similar for a couple of qanba sticks laying around… Also what TV did u end up using?

WOW nicely done!
Could you tell us how much did pay for everything. Just to have an idea…
Is the height of the stick comfortable for the wrist and arms, considered i play always with the stick on my legs.

Also curious about the cost to build. I’ve been thinking about doing a setup roughly similar to that for the TV in my living room.

In any case, it looks fantastic.

Only 2 things I’d change:
Enclose the marquee so light doesnt bleed out the back
Build a real control panel

I know its functional and cheaper to use TE sticks and their style matches the asthetic, but to me (this is just my opinion) it just makes the cabinet look cheap.

You did a great job though.

I really like the look design, but I really do not understand the lack of a true control panel. Especially if your doing every thing on a cnc. Either A. you could use the existing parts out of the TE sticks, and the hardest part would be that you would need to cut a metal sheet for the buttons then create a box out of said parts or B. make a box out of MDF and buy new boards and screw in buttons. Unless sanwa parts are hard or expensive to get in Sweden. The whole panel would cost you probably about $140 in parts here in the US. You could easily recoup most of your money by selling the sticks as well.

I also think you could use the existing sticks sheet metal, then create a box that would hold both panels, and finally create a piece of plexi or some kind of art that runs across both sticks.

I do not mean to criticize or anything, but a true panel on this thing would look really professional imo. Unless you are on a tight budget, I think something could be retrofitted on to it pretty easily.

I would prefer a true cp too. Buy itb understandable, save money, versatile in the sense he may be on a budget plus he wants to be able to take his stick to friends house. Although I would think they would want to come over to his play to enjoy this beauty. But as it was said, he could always build a true cp on there later if he likes

great work

…You’re hired.


folks, he hasn’t signed in here in 4 months…

The only reason his TE Stick Control panel isn’t that great looking is because the sticks are on top of the surface like that, so they are way higher up than they would be on a real cab. If the board holding the sticks was lower to the ground I think it’d be perfect. Either way this thing is fucking sweet