I played 2 different people tonite:

  1. did walking headbutt with e-honda 3 matches in a row.

  2. guile did slow sonic boom full screen walk up and threw another sonic boom while walking toward.


Yeah it’s yet another glitch thx to Backbone’s shoddy programming.

I believe it’s neither! Just bad programing! It only becomes cheating when the knowledge of such moves isn’t available to the general public. Now that mostly everyone on this site knows about this you’ll going to have to expect it. Besides you can only do it from player 1’s side.

Honda was doing it on both sides

player 1-2 and both sides

I should have searched it before the post:looney:

Now I know and knowing is half the battle! GI joe!!!

^^ LOL
Question did they win because of it?
If not… meh
let em have their little trick I got plenty of my own :wink:
But I agree this game needs a patch ASAP esp the PS3 version :annoy: