Cheapskate Arcade Sticks - Opinions

Hey Guys.

I’m in the market for some “economical” arcade sticks.

I have and play fighting games a lot on my PS2 and PC and i want to try my hand at using an arcade stick.
The Issue is I can’t afford a stick for each and if i happen to like arcade stick for one i don’t want to limit my stick usage to just that one platform.
TEs are out of the question because i don’t have a PS3 or 360 and i don’t necessarily like the idea of having to buy a new stick if i get one.
So i quickly skimmed the net for some cost effective sticks and i came across these.

1. Self Proclaimed Professional fighting Stick


2. C-C-C-KO Fighting Stick$(KGrHqEOKnIE3WKPo!CQBO!ZqmF+rg~~0_1.JPG

3. Universal USB Arcade Stick

The Bottom Line
I know that from a noob’s point of view these look like a bargain, so I want opinions on them or at least these types of sticks.
Did anybody ever come across these potential monstrosities or have you had any bad experiences related to a cheap stick?

~ Dake360

Those choices. All. Ass.

For a PS2 stick get a namco.

Or at the very least a tekken 5. With drill and soldering iron and solder suck pump, and wire it is possible to Sanwa Upgrade, if it breaks.


Hmm. I completely forgot about converters…

If nothing else i think i’ll go with the namco.

Are there converters for the pc?

Namco+Inpin will get you PS2 PS3 and PC. You can also hang out with the cool kids in the Namco club.

Feels good being apart of the Namco cool kids club. Only cost me 12 dollars to join. :slight_smile:

A good stick, a universal converter AND entrance to an exclusive club.

Oh boy. Namco it is.


The Namco stick is known in the community for being good, so the demand has caused the price to soar somewhat.

You could try the Mayflash stick instead:

^^ Its works well with PC, PS2, and PS3 out of the box, and costs about $40. It can also be modded at a later date with real arcade quality parts.

That’s one of the sticks i posted. I’m conflicted again.

Do you or do you know someone who has or used that stick?
[S]I haven’t found any reviews for it.[/S]

EDIT: Found

The mayflash is fine as long as you replace the buttons and the joystick because they are utter garbage

Yea, i saw that in the reviews.

Great…I’ll just learn how to mod then.


Is there such a thing as a backwards compatibility converter? (eg.ps3 stick working on ps2)

no there are not any adapters like that

also its not a hard mod really

Any recommendations for stick parts?


Thanks Man.

Counterpoint: Mayflash is not a simple mod. Stick to the Namco.


-used, old stick (may only have some much years or months left in it)
-good to begin with
-with inpin it’s everything i need
-total cost over $100 (including shipping)


-crap parts
-cheap at first
-with new parts its everything i need (have to learn how to mod properly)
-total cost over $100 (including shipping)

Namco can be had for cheaper if you’re patient and wait for an auction to come up.

Whatever base I used for TwinTail.


Now you’re just rubbing it in my nose.