Cheapest character ever created

i seen cheapest boss so why not cheapest dude ever, give ur opinion on who you think is the most broke dude ever made in terms of playing as or fighting against, also include why you think they are broke or said cheap.

i personally think cheapest dude ever made is dark gundam from gundam battle assault 2 dude cant flinch, cant grab him though he can grab u unblockable beam that had to be dashed over keep in mind u have three air dashes until u gotta recharge a possible block lock not sure, there was simply no way to stop this guy until u knock a health bar off him and everyone in thegame has three save for two dudes, only one character could stun him.

second was igniz but im sure everyone knows why.

Dan, I mean why can he taunt while jumping and use his taunt to cancel into his ultra while no one else can? I mean come on, that’s just fucked up.

Blanka/Sagat/Bison in CVS2.

What a fucking cheap-ass team. Capcom fucking MUGENs them into the game and they end up broken as all fuck.

Ivan Ooze in power rangers, duh

it’s Ivan ooze.

though this is only if we’re not counting Mugen. Because Weegee rules the roost in that.

Eddie in all GGs!

Arc Sys created a monster they can’t stop, but they make him stronger!

Rat King in TMNTTF!

ST Akuma.

Rat King and Ivan Ooze

Not in Slash.

Kilik in SC4. I didn’t play that game seriously, but boy did that motherfucker annoy me

Eddie is strong only on high level play.

Bryan from T5: + on block after B+1 launcher that can kill you like a bug.

chun and yun in 3s

storm ? in MvSF

momo , kyoko , roberto in project justice .

Toki and Rei in HNK @_____@ OMGG…

You think Kilik is cheap? Did you even watch the Evo top 8 matches? Hilde is where the cheapness is in SC4 :razzy:

When the topic of brokeness comes up, I usually mention Berserker the laser spamming robot from Critical Blow… But since yourmother(I think it was) and someone else found out ways around his laser spam, I guess he’s not that broken anymore.

no. they are overplayed but there are many many players won and placed high in tournaments with various other characters/grooves. sure they are top tier but far far from “cheapest character ever”. it takes fucking skill to play cvs2. not any scrub can pick sagat and start owning. how many ppl do you know that can play a good/effective blanka?

Id say sf4 sagat is the “cheapest”(lol). he has it all. wayyyy too many random shit connects to dp+fc+free ultra. trades lets me hit my opponent again n again with forward rh(usually followed by ultra or ex fireball). trades also means free ultra. ex dp into free ultra. ridiculous damage output and priority. oh and why overhead…which clown at capcom came up with a sagat overhead? if you seen one sf4 sagat youve seen it all. exact same garbage.

I honestly cant think of any other character that overpowered(and braindead) in any game.

Usually 25 to 30% of cast in Mortal Kombat games… You can infinite with Kenshi in MKA by tapping 1 button

Oh yeah, and there’s Steppenwolf… The character that ruined Rise 2: Ressurection for me.

He has a screen-length, instant, invisible “projectile” move (shooting guns) that is also unblockable and knocks down. And then guess what you can keep doing as they wake up, if timed correctly? Most stupidly designed move ever. Moves that are both unblockable and knocks down shouldn’t be made in the first place, much less have infinite range. :arazz:

I always found Choi in KoF to be cheap. I mean the dudes a midget and flys across the screen like a retard that sometimes its almost impossible to AA him. And his MAX2 in 2K2 and 2K2 UM lol.

That’s the only thing ASW did properly with him. Eddie is a monster but you know you won’t be wrecked by an Eddie unless the player put in some serious effort to be good.

Don’t get me started on this little bastard. I’d rather face ST Sagat than Choi.

choi is a ballerina midget instructor

Yea, Choi always pissed me off.