Cheaper alternative to HDFury

AE is around the corner and I wanted to record my matches live rather than recording replays. So lately I bought myself the Hauppauge but I found out my asus monitor doesn’t support component so I need to convert HDMI to component. With that said, HDFury is out of the question, who in the right mind spent over $150 just to convert HDMI to component is ludicrous and I’m not giving in.

So… with some research, I figured maybe something similar can be adequate. I figured this thing might do the trick:

here’s a video demonstration

Main concerns here is input lag during play but can a hdmi splitter like this work around it?

I just wanted to play AE but record at the same time without sacrificing too much with little to no input delay. So what do you guys think? if there’s another alternative I didn’t know about beside the HDfury route, please let me know.

You’re in slight error here, the conversion device you mention goes from Component YPbPr to HDMI, not the other way around.

This allows you to have the same setup as shown in the video. Just to detail this as clearly as textually possible:

  1. Use console specific component cables to hook your game console up directly to the inputs of the Haupauge
  2. Use the Haupauge’s component video outputs to hook it up to the Component to H.D.M.I. converter.
  3. Use the H.D.M.I output on the converter to go directly to your monitor.

No splitter is necessary because you’re daisy chaining the devices all together. The Hauppauge does the same job as a component video splitter cable, in addition to its recording duties.

You’ll probably have to do things like that since going from a digital signal such as H.D.M.I. to an analog signal like component video is made more difficult due to H.D.C.P. which can’t be enacted on analog. Usually digital to analog converters aren’t able to decrypt H.D.C.P. for this reason. You might question what the point is if your console outputs to component to begin with; the deal is if the image constraint token is enabled, they won’t even output more than 540p and even if it’s not, no A.A.C.S. compliant device outputs full 1080p over component video connections.

Yes, video games are protected by H.D.C.P. even though their primary value is interactive. Well, at least on the Playstation 3 they are anyway. Dunno 'bout the 360 or computers.

How about this one Will that do the trick?
Setup would be:

Console (HDMI) > Splitter > (1) ASUS
(2) converter (component out) > Hauppauge > PC/Laptop

Do you know if splitter produces input lag or something? Which one is used in tourneys?

This is the device that I use because I needed to be able to record from a hdmi source and the fury seemed to be unavailable as well as it being so expensive.

WIth this splitter which is what Iplaywinner use
Test vid with the ps3

I dont think many people know of it and how well it works because the earlier model(as well as other devices) have issues with shifted video and restrictive audio.