Cheap ?

Is Vega cheap or not ?

A 70-80 % CC damage.

You can see a Vega’s ass kicked during all a round … and win the match anyway. Not because the Vega’s user is more skilled just because his CC.

What do you think about it ?

ps : I’m not a casual english speaker :wink:

I don’t think it’s his CC that makes him cheap, it’s his ridiculous normals, annoying specials and his jump that gives me a headache.

Pretty sure he posted this in the wrong forum. He’s talking about the Japanese Vega, aka M. Bison in the US versions.

A lot of good players here say that Bison’s normals are ok, but they’re hardly Sagat’s. He does have rapid fire 2 frame jabs and descent range on some normals and a nice slide that’s hard to see coming, but if you’re prepared for it his normals aren’t too intimidating because he’s generally charging his specials.

His specials aren’t really anything to write home about save the fact that landing one gives you a CC and they’re hard to react to. RC Psycho Crushers are a sort of “get out of jail free card” for him, but it does cost him about 1300 life generally.
The Psycho Crusher is hard to react to and block on reaction, but if you see Bison charging just approach with caution.

Scissors aren’t safe blocked and can be punished by anything 6 frames or faster (so far as I know, 6 frames. That’s 2 hit scissors though) 1 hit scissors are ok blocked. Thing is those are best to use when you land a combo, or RC it if the other person is being a little reckless with their attacks.

Some good players that frequent Japan say Bison sucks otherwise, but you take a look at BAS and his Bison generally doesn’t “get his ass kicked” all throughout the round.

Most Bisons that do probably don’t have a solid game with their Bison to begin with, and are relying a lot on how good activation is.

Bison with full meter though absolutely IS a threat no matter how you look at it.
Activation (and no need to charge) through everything (hence the need to not throw anything) is just that damned good, dash to activation/throw/d.lp’s is a murderous threat on the ground.

Yeah wrong thread.

oh, “Cheap” is the wrong word to use on this site btw.

Any 4-frame normal can punish a scissor kick 1-hit or 2, 1 hit is like a 1 frame punish. Sagat can easily punish 1-hit by reversal lvl 3 tiger raid.