Cheap solution PS3 fightstick for SFV

If anyone has a old fightstick that doesn’t work with SFV there is a cheap solution that requires a little work but works a treat, I had this issue when I got a xbox one, I wanted to play Killer Instinct on a stick but neither my Xbox 360 SE or (obviously) PS3 TE wouldn’t work. I had a Tatsunoko Stick for Wii which got rock all use due to the awful online functionality of Wii and the stick had zero resale value so I bought a wired Xbox One controller for £20 and stripped it down and soldered it into the Tat vs Cap stick.

You can get a wired PS4 controller for £20 so as long as you have average soldering skills thats your outlay, here is a video of the process. Cheaper than a CronusMax and with a direct wired connection for those paranoid that the cronus may have some lag.

You used a TON of glue. Hahahaha!

Looks good and glad it works! I like the look of the Wii Fight stick.

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Just something I heard about yesterday figured i’d post it here to warn you guys…the ps3 fightsticks through the dualshock4 controller are experiencing crazy lag and are kinda slow and unresponsive according to what im hearing. If you have a ps3 fightstick by all means keep trying, but if you were going to buy a ps3 stick like I was because the new te2 chun li and ryu ones are too expensive, beware and do some research. Or try the Hori mini4, its actually good dispite the reviews of fightstick purists