Cheap Blue Tooth option? PS3 Blu-Ray remote? How to solder to conductive film?

I’m a no nothing noob.

I’m looking for a cheap Blue Tooth option for an arcade stick. The cheapest and most common option I can find is the Sony PS3 Blu-Ray remote ($13usd). However, it uses conductive film. I imagine I could solder to the header to get around that, but is there a way to cold solder to the film effectively? If I decide on this device (or anything with conductive film), does the film create a loop or ground itself, thus requiring it to be inserted for some reason?

Any suggestions?

What about getting a PS3 controller with bad thumbsticks and doing a pad hack?

Using a Six Axis is my plan right now. But I’m think that the remote is cheap and easily found, plus it has more inputs.

I’m going to buy one and one of the text pads and see what comes of it. I usually don’t ask questions like these unless I’ve already tried it and have failed or hit a wall. I suppose I’ll just test for continuity everywhere and see if I can get something going. I’m going to buy 1 of each right now.

Well, I bought a PS3 Blu-Ray Remote. I opened it up and so far I have at least 16 input connections. I started on 1 pad that I thought was ground and just started touching pins on the header. I found a few there. Then, I used a different pad as ground and I get different ones. Apparently these pads are grounds for certain inputs, but I have not idea how they work :-/. I’ll play with it tomorrow and hopefully I’ll find more inputs.

I downloaded VS Studio (the free bloated edition) and built a program called PS3BluMote ( There is a newer fork, however it wouldn’t build without errors so I used the one from that link, which built fine. Apparently there is 56 possible inputs on this remote.

I’ll try messing with the chat pad too tomorrow.