Cheap arcade sticks? (Norway or shipping to Norway)

I work with people with down syndrome, and after showing one of the people I work with Evo, he bought Super Street Fighter IV AE on Steam. Now he wants an arcade stick, but doesn’t have a big budget. Where can I find a rather cheap arcade stick(that doesn’t suck)?

There are two great options for newbies(like me) who need fight sticks.

$60 - Hori fighting stick V3

$40 - Hori mini fighting stick 3

I’ve actually owned both and can say that they’re pretty good. They’re both almost identical except for shape, obviously. The buttons are a tiny bit stiff but everything is 100% functional.

Thanks, the mini stick looks good enough!

You’re not going to believe it but I’m currently using my mini stick. I foolishly destroyed my custom modded Hori V3. This is why I can’t have nice things. And that’s why I bought a mini, rofl.

The problem is that you must accustom yourself to playing this stick on your lap. You’ll see the reasons why once you get more involved in this kind of business. And it’s not because of the stick necessarily. Your lap is the only valuable and consistent playing surface later on, I’ll leave it at that.

  • It’s going to be hard and uncomfortable at first, at least for people like me, but you’ll eventually have no problems. Trust me.

I wouldn’t recommend the mini personally. I wanted to use it myself, but its size is a real hindrance. If you have the choice between the V3 and the Mini, the V3 is probably better. I’ve never used a V3, but I do own a mini. Of course a real stick is obviously better than both choices, but I don’t know how much things are in your country. Whatever’s cheapest between the Qanba Q1, MadCatz WWE Brawl Stick, or the V3 is probably your best option.

Borrowing the thread here a bit. I’m also looking for an arcade stick, and this one seems pretty nice, good price and seems to work quite alright according to people who have had it. My main question is though if it works on PC for Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition? I see a lot of people having a problem with getting it to work on PC and I just want to be sure I can actually use it before I buy it.

Made this acc for this post :stuck_out_tongue:

^ They’re compatible for PC as well.

Do I have to download any drivers or do some configuration to get it to work or is it just plugnplay? Thanks for the quick answer btw!

Btw, I’m pretty sure that those sticks you linked from don’t come with free shipping to Norway, or any country except USA.