Cheap Arcade Stick Solutions

Hey. i want to get into fighters properly and it seems that it’s best to master stick. I am not too bad when it comes to using pad but it seems that everyone uses stick. Soooo. I thought **** it, i’ll get an arcade stick for my 360. Unfortunately, i am really cheap and arcade sticks can be really expensive. Do you lot know of any cheap places to get arcade sticks? As in about <<30 including delivery. Also, will xbox or PC arcade sticks work on the 360? Finally, are there any cross platform arcade sticks or will i have to use a converter? I have seen the Hori EX2 and i also saw the SF4 arade sticks. i was just wondering, do you think i should wait for the EX2, or do you think i should wait for SF4 to be released and see if there are cheap bundles of the game and the official sticks for like 60 or so? Also, do any of you lot know any cheap online stores for 360 arcade sticks?

There is really no such thing as a good, cheap commercial stick. You get what you pay for. Xbox/PC sticks will not work on a 360.

OK, fair enough. Do you know where to get the Hori Ex2 shipped to London for less than 30?

Normally the Arcade sticks cost more than 30 even for the used, poorest in quality arcade stick. If you are so eager to try an Arcade stick, then go to any Arcade shop and that will end up costing you less than 30.