Chat with TE2 on PS4

Hello everyone, I did a quick search and did not notice this already asked. How do you chat while using the Madcatz TE2 stick on PS4? I did not see a mic port on my stick anywhere unless I managed to miss it. Really hope your not expected to keep a headset hooked to a separate controller to chat with? Not even sure how well that would work with the games yet.

Bluetooth or USB/optical compatible headset plugged straight into the PS4, seeing how TE2 had no headphone port.

Are there any compatible bluetooth headsets or even basic usb chat headsets that work on PS4? Not too keen on spending an arm and a leg on a nice high end set as I don’t really need it for anything other than chat with the games I usually play like Guilty Gear and eventually USF4/5.

Not sure where you live or prices but probably checking out Amazon for PS4 compatible USB headsets would be one of your best bets, also the bluetooth headsets will need a USB dongle to work because PS4 doesn’t support bluetooth like the PS3 did.

Well, thanks for helping out. Sounds like I might as well wait until I can afford a nice headset and just get one. Is too bad the fight stick doesn’t have a mic port heh.

If $50 is not too much for you you can get the PlayStation Silver Wired Stereo Headset
by Sony, they work on PS3 and PS4 via USB. Amazon has them.

Sorry about the late reply. Thanks IanMoone, I may look into the Silver. Kinda up in the air. Wish the stick had a mic port on it heh.

This works and only costs 13 bucks
I have one and have used it a few times.

Thanks. That could save some money.

i have this product. im using the TE2 for ps4. can u explain how u have this working. i can only hear when in a party. there are two ports on the product correct? why?

I don’t have this but I know that one of the ports is for the speakers of the headset and the other one is for the microphone. Many headsets designed for PC had the two 3.5mm audio jacks instead of USB. That’s a USB adapter for those types of headsets.

Yeah like Henry Said, one is for headphones (output) and one is for mic (input) if you are using a headset that has only one jack you will need to get a splitter to use this.

Hello there i need a wireless solution and im not intrested in more than good chat sound… in fact i want to listen to my 7.2 stereo while chatting twith a wireless headset…

which one would do the trick? of cours a acceptable gamesound would be nice when implaying somewere else but its no priority to lightweight and such^^

The PS4 also supports USB headsets, you just need to find a wireless headset that works via USB.
You can also change your settings that all the consoles sounds go into your headset

Wish they can remake this stick for PS4: