Charlotte, NC [May 10, 2003] "Ghetto Results 3"

Yeah I posted this, even though I couldn’t make it, I thought I’d make this thread so that all you have to do is just post the top 5 in each game without doing all this. Just reply that shit!

This way:


1st- Nucklehead#1~ nickname~location
2nd- Nucklehead#2~" "
3rd- Nucklehead#3~ " "
4th- Nucklehead#4~ " "
5th- Nucklehead#5~ " "


1st- get it? good. I’ll wait to see the results this morning after 12. For those of you who can’t tell time, when it hits 12(when it’s dark) it’s actually morning [12am] Duh!


1st: Arturo Sanchez NYC
2nd: Jody ??, MD
3rd: Erik Peterson Durham, NC
4th: Wayne Cosby Durham, NC
5th: Lucious Clayton Durham, NC
5th: Brian Mai Charlotte, NC

Well done Durham on CvS2!

Wow, that had to be the worst display of an attempt at playing 3rd Strike in the history of the world. EVER! My Urien got beat down so bad. I don’t think I will ever be able to show my face at another Charlotte tourny until they have TTT. :lol:

only 30 minutes of sleep + 150 degree heat of arcade = zero reactions and even stupider decisions.

The only combo I actually rememer landing was d+FP > jab :lol: I suck :bluu:

Oh well. I still had a good time regardless of playing like horse crap personifed. I got to meet some people and put faces behind names on SRK.

Jody- Had a nice little Blanka game going on. Even more annoying Vega. Had a couple good words with him.

ShinShay- Didn’t really say much too him, but seems like a pretty cool cat.

Gimpy- :lol: Hard to speak to somebody who’s always sleeping in the corner :lol:

Oh, special props to “Juggrknott” for his team choice in MvC2. Hulk, Sent, and Juggernaut really surprised me. I saw some really good matches of his against some top tier A teams. He held his ground like a real champ. Some matches went down to the wire. (life and time).

Props to the ones who ran this tourny. The only complaint I had is it started so late. (time which could have been used to have the CvS2 tourny best 2 of 3 matchups from the start) Still not complaining, tourny was run well. And the free ice cold lemonade was a life saver! :smiley:

Any footage you burn of Jive Turkey Jones playing 3rd Strike will greatly be appreciated.

:eek: One more thing, who saw that girl working at the music store next door? :eek: I think the store was called Turtles.

Jive Out!


bull shitty in the house!

(if you havent noticed, im drunk)

but good job durham, nc, etc
way to rep

Great tourney, and great seeing everybody. Props to both my local Durhamites (nice work!) & the Charlotte crew (who always make me feel like I’m at a second home). Props to my friends in Fayetteville (thanks, James) & SC (Sami, we need a rematch). Thanks to the VA/MD guys for coming down (those that showed), and props to Art for running the table.

Great meeting some of the newer guys (sixtymhz, Bajesus, MajinCable, HyperSentForce)… cool peoples all around. Glad you could make it.

I had some good caz matches & got dusted in the real thing… what else is new? :lol:

Josh’s Strider was a nice change of pace, and a pleasure to watch.

I’m glad ST/A3 was around for those players…

Thanks Mindboggle staff, excellent job.

Jody did very well, mad skillz. Jae had a good outing as well. Thra, Nhan, Dee… so much quality play. Too much to list.

Take it easy, everybody. Until next time…


No news about 3S ???
I wanted to make it for 3S but money and work prohibited me from driving all the way to NC…too bad since my Urien is becoming an unblockable powerhouse:cool:


Here’s the shout-outs:

Arturo: Thanks for coming down man. I enjoyed the time I got to talk to you and your matches are always a pleasure to watch. Hope you can make it again sometime, I wouldn’t mind playing you some more.

Jody: You were pretty damn good yourself man, especially you Blanka and Vega. They were just too much for me this go around. Congrats and hopefully I’ll get to play you again.

Charlotte Crew: Great tourney people. My one and only complaint would be that you probably could have cut down on some of the CvS2 single matches some, but other than that it was great. Had a good time as always while I was down here. Good to see Jimmy, Israel, Dee, Shaun, and Josh again. Got to get some more MvC2 matches in with y’all, especially Dee, I want a rematch :smiley:

Fayetteville crew: A pleasure as always seeing y’all. I really have learned a lot from you guys in a majority of the games I’ve played. Hopefully I can make it down to Fayetteville sometime soon, I had a lot of fun playing with y’all today.

Matt: It was good seeing you again man. Wish I could have spent sometime playing you at Shaun and Wayne’s the night before, always fun playing you in any game. And look on the bright side with this tourney, we actually never played in MvC2 for a change :lol: Hope to see you again soon man.

Rod: Good to see you getting the praise you deserve for your work with your MvC2 team. Gald you could teach some peeps a thing or 2 about your not so secret weapon :lol:

Sami: I was good chillin with you as always man. I’m going to try and make it to ECC with ya man. I got to get my 3S rematch man. I now know what I’m doing :lol: Hopefully I’ll see you and Kev sooner than later.

Lucious: Glad you ended up making it after all. You had me worried for a bit. You’re matches were extremely nerve-wrecking to watch though. Wow they were close. You pulled em out though and thats what matters.

Wayne: Man, your Rock is just too good man. Its always fun to see you play him, especially when its not against me :lol: You did real good man and I’m glad you decided on coming.

Shaun: Thanks sooo much for the ride down there and the place to crash the night before. Congrats on your finishes in all the games man. All top 10 is nothing to sneeze at and I’m sure you would have got higher if you didn’t have to run into Wayne in CvS2. Your 3S and MvC2 showings were great too man.

Great meeting the guys I actually spoke to at the tourny.

Leaving at 2 am+5 hr drive + no sleep = Majin Cable and HypersentForce tired as hell to play well.

Great Games. I had fun at the tourny.

The shorty next door at turtles was fine as hell. I talked to her for a few mins about some bullshit. She seemed really nice. She has a killer ass too. Damn she is too fine. If I had more time I would have spit that crazy game at her.

The only bad thing about the tourny is my camera not working at all but I was able to film this one chick at the mall who had some huge ass tits. She yelled at me. Then I laughed then said “You got some nice Tits, PWNED!”

-Majin Cable

thanks to everybody who came. hope you all had a good time. i think this was the best tournament we’ve had yet at mindboggle. i had one complaint about 3rd strike though. the buttons weren’t really broken in, but that was our fault. kinda puts everybody at the same level, i suppose. but it was sure as hell better than having the angled joysticks. sucks i did so bad at MvC2 though (i want a rematch, rod :smiley: ). next time. i’m pretty happy about being tied for 7th in 3rd strike. arturo: thanks a lot for coming. you totally owned everybody that played in the tournament. hope to see you and everybody else again at the next tournament. maybe in a couple months. peace out.

where are full results for all games?

thanks for dinner at IHOP at shit… Mr.Wizard Productions to come soon. hehehehe

Nice to c u man, i will come by ur house before ecc

erik and lu:
be ready for ecc

nice to see everyone still tired


Nice tourney, even though I did far worse than I could of done and expected!! :frowning: Nice to meet all the old faces and new faces, guess I will be at home practicing for the next one. I had some very good matches, especially the ones with Arturo, one in particular ^_^. Well, i hope yall have another touney soon, until then peace out.

i don’t know the complete results, but off the top of my head, it goes like this:

1st Arturo Sanchez
2nd Jae Purvis
3rd Josh (from charlotte)

3rd Strike
1st Arturo Sanchez
2nd Yosuf Mohammad
3rd Jose Hernandez
4th Eric Lee
5th Khang Trinh

i think the CvS2 results were already posted earlier by somebody else.

I dont care what the results were, did you all see that kid, Nuan? something like that, parry that fireball/dragonpunch and shinshoryuken him, TOO GOOD, heaven…

Hey guys. Awesome tournament, wish I could have put on a bit more of a show. Also wish i hadnt entered 3s lol, I barely can beat the game and I never practice it hehe. Just figured I would get bored not doing anything. I gotta find out when the next big event is, and this time instead of taking a 5 hour drive from newbern, ill just take the bus ehhe. And for the people in Charlotte, I think theres something up with that chic fila at the mall for real, my stomach was glorifiedly frooked all day. but I wasnt the one fartin, sware to G

yeah, i heard the crowd go “oooooooooooooooooh” but i missed it. his name is nhan (from charlotte). he has a weird natural skill when it comes to fighting games. he plays smart.

Does she have a man? As fine as baby girl was, she has to.

:lol: Sie Clayton, that lucky sob. After I told him to go in there, he got the best view. He was in the right place, at the right time…

“she bent over! It just got wider” :lol: :lol:

Now you let that thought marinate in the skull a bit as you remember what type of shorts she had on. Her ass was hanging out just standing still. She had to keep pulling them down. That’s what probably threw Sie’s game off! :lol:

Man, you would have kicked me in the back of the head if you saw me play. And I would understand. It wasn’t a coincidence that the only other times Urien was picked, was in the match right after mine (I’m assuming to show me how it’s suppose to be done) :lol: I still don’t know what I was thinking during my matches, or if I was even awake. I was using the dumbfuck strategy. I think cuz I was too tired. I would put people in the corner, have two levels maxed out, and back up only to stand there and do nothing. (as Shinshay kindly pointed out :lol: ) I think I take the award for most distance your opponent was carried for no fucking purpose. I would powerbomb people >dash,dash,dash,dash,dash,dash while they’re groudned, and put them in the corner! Then back up or just stand there like a retard. I was in a whole different world mentally. Then I would get destroyed by my opponent to almost nothing. Powerbomb, dash,dash,dash etc…to the other corner. Stand around counting pixels, and die. :lol: Sigh…

Jive Out!

Damn, sounds like it was fun. I wish June and I could have made it.

I had a total blast, as always. Although I was disappointed with my 3S performance, It makes me feel better to know I was paired up with 2nd place Yousef first round(who I was like 2 pixels away from beating when my EX fireball came out normal, resulting in corkscrew to the face…most entertaining 3S match of my life, btw), and fifth place Khang second round(who has the dopest name ever, and a sick Akuma to boot). No-divekick Yun just ain’t gonna cut it, and I should have played more casual matches to get used to the sticks, but whatever. Watching Art RC fools into the ground was more than worth the trip, and I saw a lot of down to the wire shit in opening rounds, which is always good. Also, I got to try out my ST Chun, as well as good old super cheap Rog:eek: . ST is too damn fun, especially against the likes of Jim, Kev, Lu, Jae, and everyone else who played(I’m sure I’m forgeting people…Lao, Arturo, etc…). Not to mention this tourney was run sooooooo much smoother than the last ones. Overall good shit, and I can’t wait for the next one. ST/A3/GGXX tourney, dammit!!!:lol:

Matt: Anytime you wanna play ST (on an arcade board), lemme know. I’m down anytime. I had way too much fun playing against you. Mabye you can teach me some 3S stuff with Yun. Jive already showed me some hot shit with Urien so I want to see more.

I wish I could have played better in CvS2. I was nervous and it really showed. But enough of that.