Charlotte, NC 4/2/2011, Rock'em Sock'em

What’s up everyone. 4/2/2011

Here it is, the info for the next Tourney, Rock’em Sock’em, Charlotte NC!

I have finally found the home of Rock’em Sock’em. It is in Concord so it is an easier drive and cuts half an hour for the people coming from up north and still close for the people coming from the south. The venue is great. It is large, the same size as Lucky’s if not bigger. This will be our first one here so let’s show some respect and show them what we are all about.

Because this is the first one and right after Final Round I have worked it out so there will be no Venue fee!! That’s right, you will not have to pay the door fee for this first event. I did this cause I know people will be recovering financially from FR.

ER Wireless is taking the hit on their pocket book so please give them a shout when you show up and show your respect for the venue.

Now on to the good stuff…

Here’s the info on our next monthly tournament.

When: Saturday, April 2nd


ER Wireless & Gaming
7712 Sossamon Ln NW
Concord, NC 28027
Off Highway 85
Store # 704-497-466

On the other side of the Highway from the mall so we won’t have to deal with traffic. It’s next to the Firehouse Subs and across the street from Toyota.

If you are going North, take a right at the light on exit 49
If you are going South, take a left at the light on exit 49

Easy to find. Across from Toyota/Honda and next to Arby’s and Firehouse Subs, ON THE RIGHT.


Registration starts at 12pm. We will start at 2pm. Text me if you are running late so I can put you in the brackets and I will collect the money from you when you get there.


Venue fee: FREE!

Majors: $10 ea.

Minors: $5 ea.

I will be running the usual Dual System Tourney. It seems to have run good so far but remember that it is all up to you to make it run smooth.

XBOX 360 & PS3.


Super 4
Tekken 6

Minors: TBD,
3rd Strike
Super Turbo
Arcana Hearts, if we have time and/or there is a demand for it.

As usual I will need help with consoles, setups and games. Because there is no Venue Fee I can’t waive anything for you bringing a setup.

I am purchasing a couple of monitors for the tournament and will have all lagless setups but will need help in the beginning to make sure we have enough setups to run things smoothly.

Please post up and message me that you are bringing a setup so I can acknowledge you for helping out.

See you all there.


FaceBook Page:!/home.php?sk=group_166718963377981&ap=1

Shoryuken Page:

Please add yourself to the Facebook group for Rock’em Sock’em if you haven’t yet.

ER Wireless, the same place we had Sam’s tournaments at?

I know they have quite a few TVs they let us use last time, we’ll definitely have the equipment this time too?

Yeah turns out that is it. I had no idea but it is. I have worked out the venue with her and she is excited. We have use of the whole place, not just the back.

How were the monitors, did they LAG?

The place has a bunch of Dynex flatscreens.

Right. I am purchasing some monitors so I don’t have to rely on other people or what the venue has. I will need help in the beginning though. If you could bring a setup I would appreciate it. I have 2 xbox’s and 1 ps3 that I will bring and they have xbox’s there. I just need monitors and ps3’s for now.

As far as the Dynex monitors, you’d be surprised what doesn’t lag out there. I found these Toshibs the other day that had a game mode and when selected it turned off all the processors and the shit didn’t lag at all. Very nice surprise. I may look up those since they are large. We’ll see. For now I found a good deal on some ASUS LED with HDMI and speakers for 159ea. Sweet deal.

Nice seeing everyone at Final Round. I look forward to seeing you all again for our next tournament. See you then.

I’ve already posted Cola’s Monthly for 4/2 a few days before this one, but I might see about changing the date so we can attend this. I’ve also got a full PS3 setup I can bring for BBCS/MvC3/SSFIV, if we go.

lol, just the guy I wanted to talk to. I was just about to call you when I checked this thread, lol.

Only one more week away, get hype!!! Also, let me know if you wanna discuss recording the matches more.

Just a reminder. Only one week left to the tournament.

I still need help with some games and maybe a couple of monitors. If you can help please post below so I know what to expect.

See you all there.

BUMP this.

Bump what Shiki?

I will talk to you about it at the tourney. Got some changes coming up and I would like to involve you in them.

Shiki, I will need your help like usual. You can run all the minors if you would like. Cool? I do appreciate your help man. You make life easier :wink:

Nah, you know I’m good for whatever. I took Saturday off for this, so I’ve got time.

With no venue fee, all of you NC post monsters and Charlotte people hiding out have no excuse not to show up.

And to make it even more hype…guess what’s returning…THE PENTATHLON!

I don’t even know what that means. The Pentathlon? What is that, lol.

THE PENTATHLON (What the heck is a Pentathlon?)
We’ve done this before in Charlotte, but for you new folks: a pentathlon is simply a competition of 5 successive events.
In this case, we have 2 teams competing in a total of 5 games, and earning points Gauntlet/Survivor Series style, and the team with the most points at the end wins.
That means you have a 50/50 chance of winning money by entering the Pentathlon.
Teams will be RANDOM, with an equal amount of players on both sides.
–Team play will be Mi-Ka-Do style, in which Player A from the 1st team plays Player A from the 2nd team, then Player B plays Player B until all players have played one round.
–Each match played, UNLESS IT’S A 2v2 MATCH, is 1 Game Single Elimination. If you lose, you’re out until the next game. If you draw, you’re both out. 2v2 Matches are 2/3 games.
–Rounds continue until all members of one team have been eliminated. The team that won gets 1 point for all members left standing, then we move on to the next game.
–The winning team will split the pot between all team members evenly.
–Before each game begins, we will flip a coin between Team 1 and Team 2. The team who wins the coin flip can choose the game to play OR choose which team sends in their player first.
–The losing team gets the option the coin flip winner does NOT pick.

–Round 1 will only have each team member playing once. Once every player on both teams have played, we move to Round 2.
–Round 2 continues with the remaining players as long as at least 2 players remain on each team.
–Round 3 is the final round and starts only after one team is down to just 1 player AND that player has already played in Round 2.
–If you have played once in a round you CANNOT play again in the same round until all of your other team members have played.

Each team has 5 players.
In the first round, the 1st team has Players A, C, E win their matches. Players B, D lose to the 2nd team.
Thus for the 2nd round:

Team 1:
Player A
Player C
Player E

Team 2:
Player B
Player D

Someone on Team 1 then plays someone on Team 2, then the other member of Team 2 plays someone else on Team 1.
If players B2 and D2 lose, then Team 2 is completely eliminated and Team 1 wins the game and gets 3 points (for players A1, C1, E1).
But let’s say A1 beats B2 but D2 beats C1. Then we move to Round 3 and A1 can play again against B2 skipping over E1 because it’s a new round.

Entry: $5 per person
Players on the same team can use the same characters/teams if they wish

The results from the last Pentathlon were INSANE:

After all the Drama, Hype, Controversy, and Saltiness the team of Simon, Aaron, Zamuel, Darklight, Lobo, and Fuzzy Yogurt won by the narrow margin of 7-6.

Random 2v2 SFEX3 matches are the SHIT.

Also, following Lobo’s suggestion, this time we are actually going to hold a vote on the games we will play.
–Voting is open to ALL NC and SC residents ONLY, even if you’re not planning on attending you can still vote.
–Voting is open to 2AM EST on 4/02/2011.
–You must vote for 1 option in ALL categories for your vote to be accepted.
–Since last time we did GGAC, SFEX3, HD Remix, Tekken 5 DR, and CvS2, so those games are not eligible this time. (They can return next time, though)
–No SF4, MvC3, or Tekken 6 as they are majors.

Category A (Capcom games):

  1. Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 (DC)
  2. Street Fighter Alpha 2 (PS2)
  3. Street Fighter Alpha 3 (PS2)
  4. Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike (PS2)
  5. Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (360/PS3)
  6. Vampire Savior (PS2)

Category B (SNK games):

  1. Garou: Mark of the Wolves (PS2)
  2. King of Fighters XI (PS2)
  3. King of Fighters 98 UM (PS2)
  4. King of Fighters 2002 UM (PS2)
  5. Neo Geo Battle Coliseum (PS2)
  6. Samurai Shodown 6/Tenka (PS2)

Category C (Anime/Donjon/Poverty games):

  1. Akatsuki Blitzkampf (PC)
  2. Arcana Heart 3 (PS3)
  3. Battle Fantasia (PS3)
  4. Blazblue: CS (PS3/360)
  5. Melty Blood Whatever (PS2)
  6. Vanguard Princess (PC)

Category D (3-D games):

  1. Dead or Alive 4 (360–for the love of god please don’t pick this)
  2. Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (360)
  3. Tekken Tag Tournament…2v2 if possible! (PS2)
  4. Soul Calibur 4 (PS3/360)
  5. Virtua Fighter 5 (360…because I don’t even think anybody has the PS3 version)
  6. WWE All Stars (360/PS2…if anybody has it???)

Category E (Wildcard)–Only if necessary after the 1st 4 games are run:

  1. Whatever game gets the most votes but doesn’t win a category
  2. Totally random pick out of the games left
  3. Whatever team is losing can pick out of the games left
  4. Write-in for game not even in a category (not major game or previous game)
  5. I really don’t care

Greensboro will be in the house. #swag