Charlotte,NC 11/28 Biweekly

sup guys, we had a pretty good turnout. i wanna thank atl and south carolina for showing up. its great to play new people and meet new faces. the only game we ran was 3s cause the turnout was good. mvc2 only had 2 people (how ironic) here r the results:

1.darrick perez
2.june ro
4.neidel crisan
5.ted king
5.jose hernandez
7.brian mai
7.eli cleveland
9.adam cleveland
9.paul lehner
9.jordan harvey
9.jc hernandez
13.brandon swett
13.gabe malicki
13.john osbourne

there were some really good matches cause we had an even 7 out of towners and 7 charlotte people. this turned out really well and the matches were very exciting.

next bi weekly will most likely be cvs2 and mvc2. i will keep u guys informed. thanks for everyone that showed up. hope to see u guys here for the major in jan.


No team tourny?

Jive Out!

Yeah this was a good 3S tourney with some new faces from down-south showing up .

The team tourney got nixed cause everyone was heading out right after finals .

How about having CvS2 and 3S since it seems that MvC2 is (finally) dieing out lately:D
After watching some of the CvS2 stuff going on I might start back playing it again anyway .


Fuck no don’t let marvel die!!!

U guys should come to that tourney, alot of fl peeps are coming for marvel.

Defenatly a lot of fun.

ted, seriously good matches there. hopefully you can come down to elis for some casual soon enough!

probably cant drive 3 hrs bi weekly but you will see us again.

Congrates to all my georgia boy’s in 3S. I wish I could have went ,but I hurt my back at work.:frowning: :frowning:

hahahha sbk – you’re always running into some kinda bad luck when making charlotte tournies huh? :wink:

3S for life. :smiley:

Yea the 2nd half of this year has been shitty for me and tournaments.:bluu: I’m so damn rusty and I want to play sooo badly.:bluu: :confused: Oh well, maybe if I don’t plan to go I can actually make it next time.:lol: