Charlie's RH Flashkick can't be airblocked?

Me and my friend just tested this shit now. Now, maybe I’m some noob or something, but I was sure it was general knowledge that Charlie’s Flashkick could be airblocked, which made it pretty shitty. But we tested it with X/A-Charlie, and we just couldn’t airblock it if done deep. It’s pretty beast. What do you guys think?

it depends when it hits; if you hit a jumper when they’re in deep they can’t block it, if they’re higher up in the air they can.

you damn dirty ape, I will have to agree this time.

Maybe one of the dip switches?

No, it’s also possible in the arcade.

Here’s the weird thing. We tested again yesterday vs V-Vega and A-Gief, and those fuckers can’t be hit deep with it. It seems like different characters land differently in A3. When we first tested, we had tested on A-Ken, and the rh Flashkick worked fine. But we just can’t get it to hit deep (and make it unblockable in the air) vs Vega/Gief. We thought about it, and the explanation we came up with is the size difference in characters. Because Vega and Gief are tall, they land sooner than someone like Ken. I dunno for sure, someone help me out?

its because of the way their sprites are but their unblockable line is a little above normal.