It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here… :sweat:

Oh well. Here’s a pencil art of Charlie, except, well… just take a look. =/

Heh, looks like Nash post-op.

Good job. I hope you color it.


reminds me of what a friend says about most girls… she looks good from the neck down. You need to work a lot on the face and head though. looks completely off.

I don’t get ashe here. The face looks fine to me, except for the fact that the hair starts too low in the middle, it breaks rules of proportion.

…And the bellybutton is around half a head, which is alot, above it’s correct location.

im not too into the whole reverse-sex art where you draw a male character but as a female. although the drawing does look nice :smiley:

heh… guess that was rather rude of me

I think the head is waaaaayyyyy too small and I think it’s more of a distaste for the style. It doesn’t match the detail of the body. It needs more to it basically.

if this really was “Charlie”

then i could understand why Guile went after Bison like he did. if you polished it up, i’d be really interested to see what you came up with (being an avid… umh… V-Nash player of course).


There we go! I knew something was quite not right in the pic (somewhere near the stomach area), but really can’t put my finger on it. :sweat: Thanks for the crit.

I was really planning to draw Charlie, but then I also wanted to draw a hot babe at the same time, and so it ended up like this. Maybe I’ll feminize another character next time. :smiley: